Twitter is testing a tweet co-authoring feature

It is well known that Twitter is constantly testing new features. Of many of them it is possible that we will never know, because they are discarded in very early stages. Others, in due course, are announced or released by the social network, either to a small part of the users, within their test programs, or to the entire community, at which point they transcend. However, sometimes we are aware of these tests thanks to the curiosity of some users, who methodically they check β€œthe guts” of the apps in search of functions in test and not yet documented.

The latest example of this is found in Twitter Collaboration, a function discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi a few months ago and echoed by MSPowerUser, and which raises the possibility that Twitter messages are signed by more than one person. And, according to Paluzzi’s investigations, Twitter has been actively working on this function, to the point that the last update of it is from yesterday.

The Shared Posts Feature It has existed for a long time in other services such as Instagram, and it is certainly positive for content creators who want to carry out collaborations of any kind, and that they have the signature of both people. In other services, such as YouTube, for these collaborations to have an impact on the numbers of both authors, two different but related videos are usually created, one for one channel and the second for the other.

Obviously the co-authorship of Twitter messages does not make any sense in individual messages, and even less in the classic and imperishable “Yesterday I had chicken for dinner”, but it does find a much more natural fit in the threadsone of the great values ​​of Twitter and, for more than one, the only reason to remain active users on that social network.

Until now, the threads are also individual, although the author can put in one of the tweets that he has had the collaboration of one or more people, citing them. However, the possibility that these publications may bear the signature of more than one author can serve as a great stimulus for encourage shared thread creationwhich can also be much more substantial thanks to such collective collaboration.

And it makes perfect sense, of course, to think that this is precisely Twitter’s motivation for testing this feature. Collaborations are a tremendously successful format on other platformsand making available to its users a function that allows the shared signature of the contents, can be an incentive for this type of collaboration to occur more regularly.

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