Twitter loads the bot that made you Wordle spoiler

At this stage, it is practically impossible to avoid the Wordle, that play on words that everyone shares on Twitter. And since this social network has always been characterized by its empathy and good vibes, someone created a bot who gutted Wordle’s target word for the next day, ruining the game for his fans. However, it seems that Twitter has dropped the ax to the happy mouthful robot. Here are the details of this curious story.

Just in case you just returned from a shipwreck on a desert island without Internet, we’ll bring you up to date, although it won’t be necessary.

What is Wordle, for those who live under a stone

Wordle is the game that has taken the world by storm in just a few days. Originally created by Josh Wardle, a computer engineer from Brooklyn, it consists of a simple word game in which you have to guess the five-letter daily term within 6 tries.

In line with similar games, such as the traditional Mastermind, Wordle shows you in gray the letters that you have put, but they are not there, in yellow those that you have put and they are, but you have placed them in the wrong position, and in green the letters that you have completely hit, including their position in the word .

You can only play once a day and that is part of the grace, that there is a word every 24 hours and that’s it. Addictive like few others, their own versions were immediately released in other languages, such as Spanish, or more difficult variants that give you as many attempts as you want.

But as always, someone had to come to ruin the grace and, of course, it emerged in the quagmire of Twitter.

The bot that gutted the words of Wordle and Twitter was loaded

We recently found out that Twitter had removed the @wordlinator account, a bot that responded to people’s Wordle posts with rude messages that included spoilers of the game the next day.

sayings spoilers they were quite successful and the key is that the game code is easily accessible. The point is that, because of the way Wordle is played, that (in addition to the insult you got in the answer) ruined the game who was the target of the response.

It is true that Wordle scores from all over the world do not stop crossing the networks now, but it was a somewhat drastic measure.

Obviously, that did not sit well with the fans of the game which probably started with the account complaints.

Although it is not known exactly what Twitter terms of service the account violated to have been bannedApparently, according to The Verge, would have to do with the fact that it did not respect the automation conditions of the bots.

One of them is that you cannot send unsolicited messages to users and these won one that they did not ask for, with nonsense included and that annoyed the game.

The truth is that Wordle is a very simple game, that has spread like wildfire and that, as we have said, has an easily accessible code. So be careful on social media if you play often, someone might do something similar to the removed bot and ruin your fun.

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