Twitter makes one of its paid features free

The social network has just rolled out the pinning of private conversations for everyone. A useful tool, which until now required checkout.

Good news for Twitter users, it is now possible to pin your favorite private conversations for free. Already available on many text messaging services, the feature was implemented last November on the social network with the blue logo. At the time, however, it was restricted to paying Twitter Blue subscribers.

For the past few days, these have been all users who have access to the pinning tool, on iOS, Android and from a web version. On mobile, simply swipe right on a conversation to access its settings, then select “pin” so that it appears at the top of your inbox. Note that it is possible to pin up to six threads simultaneously. Formalized by the official Twitter Support account, the feature already promises to make life easier for many Internet users.

Twitter Blue, a simple experimental laboratory?

Available only for a few months for premium users, the pinning of DMs for all sounds like good news, but questions the real usefulness of the Twitter Blue subscription. For the social network, on the other hand, things are clear: its premium interface is above all a experimentation space, where subscribers can get a preview of what’s new on the platform, before they become available to everyone. In this context, it therefore made sense that pinning DMs would be among the first to become free.

The announcement, however, gives an approximate idea of ​​the time needed since the addition of a premium function, for the latter to finally become free. Although the delays will inevitably vary from one tool to another, it will take at least a few months of latency, during which only Twitter Blue members will benefit from these advantages. A way, no doubt, to justify the $3 monthly subscription billed to them.

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