Twitter may be able to discreetly kick out the followers we no longer want

Twitter launches, on the web version of the service, a test consisting in allowing Internet users to unsubscribe subscribers who follow them.

This is a new tool that Twitter plans to add to the range of resources granted to its members to make the platform as pleasant as possible. In a post shared on September 7, the social network says it is exploring a feature that allows you to decide who has the right to follow us or not – without coming to a solution as drastic as blocking.

In other words, each Internet user could go to his list of subscribers and remove at will the people who, for one reason or another, no longer have to follow him. In this scenario, the Internet user makes sure that his messages disappear from the news feed of the people from whom he has just separated. The operation is discreet because it does not send a notification to unsubscribed.

twitter follower unsubscribe
Sorting out who follows you: this is the idea that Twitter is testing. // Source: Twitter

An intermediate tool before blocking

The publications of the Internet user who unsubscribed from subscribers remain visible to them, via a public search on keywords or if their profile is displayed on the screen. As it is not a blockage, the consequences are in fact less severe. It is not clear whether a person has the option to re-subscribe to the account from which they were ejected and, if so, under what conditions.

The option, currently being tested on the web version of Twitter, is not yet available to everyone. It must be accessible via the list of subscribers: a menu is displayed by clicking on the ellipses, with the option sought. Twitter will ask you to confirm your decision to kick this or that person. The community site does not mention the deployment on Android or iOS.

In fact, the tool turns out to be an intermediate option before taking a stronger action such as blocking. It can also be of interest, in particular for accounts that go into “protected”. In this mode, only people who are subscribed to a profile can see its messages. The profile in question can then have a tool to sort out who sees what and to guard against certain risks.

This feature, for which the deployment time is not specified, is part of a series of measures being deployed or being studied by Twitter to make its service more pleasant. There is an auto-block option that is arriving on the platform. In addition, the site is considering a mechanism that would hide old tweets, to prevent them from being exhumed.

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