Twitter now lets you post multiple alerts below your media

We’ve learned that Twitter users can now attach one-time content alerts to images and videos they post if you haven’t had access to this feature in the past. And immediately it should be mentioned that it was last year that this social network first began testing a feature that, in turn, gives you and me the ability to add warnings about nudity, violence and other types of sensitive content to each individual message.

Now, the official support service of the platform has announced that this feature has finally become available to everyone who uses applications for Android and iOS, as well as its web version. Either way, from now on, when you apply a warning to an individual tweet, the media you attach to it will appear hidden to people viewing it until they choose to see what’s behind it. This feature gives users the ability to share content that may be upsetting or inappropriate for everyone without having to mark all of your tweets as private.

To add a warning to an individual tweet, users simply need to click on the flag icon that appears every time you edit a photo or video you’ve uploaded, and then select the desired category between nudity, violence, and sensitive material . And as The Verge already noted, you can flag multiple warnings for each attachment at once.

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