Twitter raises the price of Twitter Blue

Contrary to the general feeling, at least the one I have been perceiving since its very launch, it seems that Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter that offers some advantages over normal accounts, must be working fine. Let us remember that the service was announced in May of last year, and that a month later it debuted, although it did so only in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, jumping to the United States some time later. Its price? US$2.99.

In just over a year since then, the truth is that I have not seen a single tweet from an account with the emblem of Twitter Blue, and in more than a year there has been no movement in terms of its international expansion. Yes, it is true that priority access to social network tests was added to the initial functions at the end of last year, but since then, except for some idea from Elon Musk when he still wanted to buy Twitter, We haven’t heard back from anything.

And I say, however, that it must work better than it seems, because the social network has just reported, in your help centerof a substantial price increase in Twitter Blue subscriptions:

Country Previous price New price Rise
Australia 4.49 Australian dollars AU$6.99 56%
Canada CAD 3.49 6.49 Canadian dollars 86%
USA US$2.99 US$4.99 67%
New Zealand NZ$4.49 NZ$6.99 56%

I suppose that, seeing this price increase, you will understand my consideration about how tremendously successful it must be. Twitter Blue, right? Only this would explain increases ranging from 56% in Australia and New Zealand, to (better you choose the adjective) 86% that Canadians who decide to contract the paid version will have to assume.

Twitter raises the price of Twitter Blue

The good news, for those who are already subscribed, is that At the moment they will not see a price increase in their subscriptions. Twitter recognizes their status as “early adopters” and therefore, “you will continue to be charged the initial price of $2.99 ​​per month until you receive additional notice from Twitter and/or payment providers at least 30 days before the new price goes into effect«. That price hike could happen next month, next year, or never.

As I said at the beginning, my perception of Twitter Blue is that its reception has been quite poor, that what it includes does not justify, for many users, the cost it has. A) Yes, a price increase seems to me (again, from my perspective) a shot in the footwhich I also understand may go against your international expansion plans.

Either Twitter is able to enhance the Twitter Blue offering with new and more exciting features, or I doubt very much that it will become a massively adopted option. And I say it, I don’t hesitate to hire services if they are interesting, I don’t even want to think what will go through people’s heads who are much more selective than me in that regard. But I do not know, I’m still being too critical, would you pay for Twitter Blue’s services?

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