Twitter Spaces improves with new options that you will like

New improvements for Twitter Spaces

Twitter launched a matter of several months ago Twitter Spaces, the alternative to Clubhouse that has almost swept and positioned itself as the first of the options of this new mode of live communication, although it really is not as novel as many might imagine. After all, it is just an audio or live conversation program.

Well, these audio rooms that are created and are accessible directly from Twitter are now interesting news that will help push their use even further. And most importantly, it may still be the reason why they decided to end the Twitter Fleets. Because put to invest resources, better in this tool that seems to have more acceptance than the particular version of the stories that they released not long ago.

However, let’s get down to business and talk about what these are news introduced by Twitter to their Twitter Spaces. As you can see below, they seem little, but the truth is that those who use it regularly and already have a certain impact with each room will really do well.

As you can see in the tweet published by the company, the three main news of Twitter Spaces are the following:

  • possibility of invite two co-hosts. This is something important and, above all, very useful for those who organize or create the audio room as it allows them to download certain tasks
  • The Twitter Spaces audio rooms will therefore now be composed of the main host, the two co-hosts and up to 10 speakers.
  • Co-hosts will play a fundamental role for many of these rooms as they will have the ability to help invite other speakers or participants in the room, manage responses, eliminate those participants who consider appropriate and even pin tweets and much more.

In other words, with these new features, what Twitter does is further enhance the use of Twitter Spaces and provide those who are already getting a lot out of working more comfortably. Because the help that two co-hosts can give you when carrying out certain tasks will allow them to focus on the conversation they have created, on the guests and on the content that is what makes this form of communication implemented by Twitter on their website really interesting. platform and that goes beyond the text.

Goodbye Twitter Fleets, hello Space Bar

Along with these changes applied to Twitter Spaces and also motivated by the closure of the Fleets that took place a few days ago, now the bar or upper space of Twitter is renamed Space bar.

What does this mean? Well, that space that was left free will now be occupied by the rooms and from there it will even be possible to create new ones. So it seems to indicate that for Twitter in the end the product Spaces generates is much more attractive than its stories were or could have become.

Now it is only necessary to see how it continues to evolve, but if both audio and video are going to play (already play) a fundamental role in social networks, it is clear that the subject of these sound broadcasts from Twitter are important.

After all, Twitter is the social network where you will find out what is happening, many times before the news is released on other sites. So it makes sense that to listen live, you also go there.

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