Twitter the restyling it has received from the TweetDeck application

Earlier this year, Twitter confirmed that they were working on a complete overhaul of the TweetDeck application, an application that the company claimed was not receiving “a lot of love,” which makes sense considering that the company implied that it had been forgotten. completely of her.

Jack Dorsey’s company has officially presented this new version, a new version that is currently being tested in the United States, Canada and Australia and that offers us an interface similar to the web version that Twitter currently offers us but according to the company , with improved functionality.

Earlier this year, Twitter Product Manager Kayvon Beykpour stated that:

And we haven’t given TweetDeck much love recently. That is about to change; We’ve been working on a pretty big from scratch review of TweetDeck, and it’s something we’re excited to share publicly sometime this year. And so that’s just one example of a Twitter-owned and operated service that we will continue to invest in.

TweetDeck’s new layout features a column-based layout and integrates many of the features already available on the Twitter web and native desktop and mobile apps, including the Explore tab with current trending themes along a new option called Decks (which should be translated as boards).

Users who have the opportunity to try this new remodeling will be shown a button that will allow them to activate the new design, although initially, according to the company, it will be a very small group of users.

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