Twitter will allow content to be marked as “sensitive”

The winds of change are blowing on Twitter. Since Jack Dorsey’s departure from the company it seems that the foot that steps on the accelerator has decided to use itself thoroughly. Something totally understandable, on the other hand, since now Parag Agrawal, new CEO of the company, and who not only faces a challenge as great as being the head of an Internet giant such as Twitter, but also the scrutiny that , as a newcomer, you are going to have to cope.

Consequently, although it probably also has to do with plans that had already begun to take shape previously, a few hours after taking over the leadership of the social network Agrawal implemented a controversial new policy, which limits the publication of images by third parties. It shouldn’t have been an easy debut for the new chief executive, who until then had sailed under the radar, despite having been working on Twitter for ten years.

Although this change could already justify his position for months (without going into assessing whether it is positive or negative), it seems that we will continue to see new movements in the social network, and curiously also related to images and multimedia content. However, in this case the measure will not be controversial. And it is that, as announced the social network itself, you are going to start testing a system with which users will be able to add a warning about such content in their tweets.

You may be thinking that You’ve been seeing ads like that on Twitter for a long time, but until now the users themselves only had this possibility associating the warning to the total of their account, that is, that warning is always displayed, in all tweets with images and videos that are uploaded to the network. Thus, if as a rule we usually upload content suitable for everyone, but at a certain moment we want to upload an image that can affect certain sensitivities, we did not have the possibility to do so.

In such a case, they are the rest of the users who, through reports to Twitter, can make the content of one (or more) of our tweets appear masked after a warning, but of course this is not the ideal model either, as the content will not be marked as such until the reports have been received and reviewed, and also said reports can have a negative effect on our user account.

With this new function, as we can see in the tweet, when uploading an image or video we will have the possibility to mark it as not suitable for everyone. For this purpose we will have a selector in which we can choose if the content is for adults, if it is violent, or if it is “sensitive”, which we can consider as a disaster drawer for all those contents that do not fit in the previous categories, but that we still want it not to be shown directly.

This seems like a great success to meIt is common to find images that may be unpleasant to some people, and surely in many cases the authors of said tweets are aware of this and would like to be able to identify it as such and hide it after a warning, which must be confirmed by the reader. to be able to see it. At the moment the function is going to be tested, but I hope that the trial period will be short and that, therefore, the function will be implemented for all users as soon as possible.

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