Twitter will be even more like TikTok with this feature you copied

Jack Dorsey has left Twitter and the platform is starting a new era with new features to remain relevant. However, this innovation goes through the same thing that all social networks are doing, copy each other until they all look the same. For this reason, they are testing a new feature with which Twitter is going to look a lot like the fashionable application, TikTok. We tell you what it consists of.

As soon as a social network brings out something new that succeeds, everyone runs to copy it. Twitter, in particular, is always a little behind and has already tried to clone the Stories of Instagram with their Fleets. Which is true that Instagram first copied Snapchat with that, but it is the general dynamic of what happens on social networks.

They call it innovation, but in reality it is about looking at what the next person is doing and launching their own version, like when we had an exam in class.

Continuing with the same dynamic, now Twitter is trying something new that, in reality, is old, because it is about copy the experience you have with TikTok, without a doubt, the most fashionable social network right now.

Twitter’s new search page, copying the TikTok video feed

This new feature is based on a search page redefinition, or as they call it, «Explore».

The objective is turn it into a video feed, where short videos with the news, event or trend that are being talked about stand out on the full screen.

Aware of the addictive power of this format, and the success of TikTok in keeping people hooked in this way, they prioritize that video in favor of images or links to written news.

That will be a blow to media that do not use this format, although creators and brands will probably adapt soon. After all, it seems that no one reads and everyone wants short video pills with the most spectacular, in a stream that does not end and always has something more for you.

In fact, the new page, according to the images provided by Twitter itself, will literally have a “For you” tab. In it, you will see the custom video trends according to the tastes that you have indicated to the algorithm, or that it has detected by itself.

Thus, the new Twitter search page will look more and more like the Reels of Instagram, the Shorts from Youtube and Spotlight from Snapchat.

The first of many changes

Parag Agrawal, new CEO of Twitter

If you like this, you’re in luck, if not, brace yourself anyway. Twitter it is not the only one who is copying this format in order to increase the time that each user spends in the application. Netflix and Spotify too they are doing their own tests.

This appears to be the first major change in the reign of Parag Agrawal, the new CEO of Twitter.

Agrawal has already announced by email to the employees of the social network that new changes and innovations are expected. We will see if they really bring out something really new or the trend will continue that all social networks look alike, until there are barely one or two left and the ones that have less money close.

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