Twitter will notify you of edits to embedded tweets

Yeah, talking about edited tweets might come as a bit of a surprise, since we’ve been talking about it, seriously (that is, since the social network confirmed that it was actually working on this feature) back in April, and shortly thereafter we learned how it would work. , since then there has been no more news about it, so we are still waiting for Twitter to start its deployment. Something that, I want to think not but I’m afraid so, could be directly associated with the rise in prices of Twitter Blue.

And it is that, if we think about it a bit, as we mentioned yesterday, the increase in the price of Twitter Blue does not make sense in current conditions, the payment method of the social network does not offer enough to compensate for a monthly payment of five dollars . However, if immediately after the rise, Twitter decides to hide this function from the rest of the users and reserve it exclusively for those who pay, it would be giving this price rise more reason to exist… although this leads to the anger of many users of the service.

Be that as it may, and awaiting its arrival, it seems that the social network is already testing some functions related to editing, as it tells us in a tweet the always successful Jane Manchun Wong, who has detected that embedded tweets will show indications of this when the original has been modified. In this way, those who see the messages will be able to quickly detect if there has been any substantial modification in them since they were embedded.

As we already told you at the time, the approach for editing the tweets seems, at least a priori, quite successful, and it is that the social network, instead of simply annotating the modification, what it will do is keep the original message and, associated with it, will save the edited version of it. In this way it will be possible to check what the edition has consisted of, something especially practical in the event of possible malicious uses of this function, such as changing the meaning of a message or turning it into an advertising claim once it has reached significant diffusion.

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