Two arrested in Spain for offering LaLiga through pirate IPTV services

Movistar has been fighting for some time so that watching football using CCCAM is an impossible task due to the constant cuts in the signal. And now we inform you of a serious blow to piracy and where Two people have been arrested in Spain suspected of crimes against intellectual property for running pirate IPTV networks and CCCAM to distribute the LaLiga signal and watch football without paying rights.

LaLiga has been fighting this scourge for a long time. We have already told you about BlackHole and other tools that she is using to crack down on pirated IPTV, and it seems to be working very well. This year they are being able to dynamically block pirated IPTV services and now this new blow carried out by the National Police makes it clear that watching football for free, or at a lower price, is going to be increasingly difficult.

In 2019, LaLiga launched an investigation into a website advertised on social networks that was being used to illegally market football content and other material belonging to a well-known platform (probably Movistar or DAZN).

This portal offered a subscription to its pirate IPTV or CCCAM services to be able to watch soccer content in Spain in real time. In addition to selling both types of subscriptions, the site also had a blog where users were provided with technical support.

LaLiga deals a new blow to piracy

LaLiga began the investigation trying discover the infrastructure of this pirate IPTV service in Spain and know the people who were behind this network. Later, they began to follow the money, with the aim of determining how and where users of the service paid for subscriptions. This allowed the identification of two people in Malaga who are believed to be the main people behind the operation.

As indicated from Cope «They had a high degree of technological specialization, since to perpetrate their illicit activities they used a sophisticated infrastructure with which they provided services to their clients.” In this way, being able to identify this group has been quite complicated, since they also changed servers to avoid being located so easily.

They have been arrested for crimes against intellectual property, against conditioned television broadcasting services and electricity fraud. They had a high degree of technological specialization. To carry out their illicit activities they used a sophisticated infrastructure to provide services to their clients”reads a police statement in which they have detailed this operation against piracy in Spain.

The gross income generated by the suspects has yet to be revealed, but at least for now, police say profits exceed 87,500 euros. A not insignificant figure, especially if you take into account that this pirate IPTV service to watch LaLiga football had been operating for a relatively short time.

“LaLiga Content Protection will detect and analyze illegal domains using artificial intelligence monitoring software in the main search engines and social media platforms in the world, which will allow it to identify the source of illegal content and speed up the process through which CEDRO you can request deactivation and blocking of pirated material”, LaLiga said after the announcement of the arrests.

Undoubtedly, a new blow to piracy and that makes it very clear that companies like Movistar or LaLiga are going to continue their fight with a single objective: to protect intellectual property and prevent content of this type from ending up circulating through pirate IPTV services.

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