Two children and two adults found dead in a house: they believe it was murder-suicide

El Paso County Authorities, in Colorado, USA, they investigate a possible murder-suicide after in full halloween eve police, firefighters, and emergency services personnel will find in a house the lifeless bodies of two minors and two adults.

The police and detectives detailed that the discovery occurred around 10:00 a.m. last Saturday October 30 when they received a call in which they assured that there was a seriously injured person and that he needed urgent help in the town of Gleneagle, north of Colorado Springs.

However, when they arrived at the scene two children and two adults were found dead inside a residence of the everbridge community. Until now the identity of the victims has not been released, since the police will wait for the results of the identification of bodies and that the closest family is aware.

Some neighbors told the media that they are in shock after learning of the four deaths, since they ensure that something like this had never happened in the community. A supposed friend of the deceased family said that they were very good people and that he fears that it will never be known what really happened in that house.

They asked the neighbors not to go out

Although they did not detail what else they found at the scene, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office decided to send neighbors a “reverse 911” alert, with which they ordered people living within a two-mile radius (about 3.2 kilometers) do not leave your house, as well as close your doors and windows well, and stay away from exterior walls.

Despite this instruction, local police officers and detectives pointed out that there was no threat to the community from Everbridge and the order was deactivated that same day, according to media.

Likewise, the authorities regretted what happened and sent their condolences to the loved ones of the dead people. Similarly, a statement indicates that the investigations into this shocking case continue. So far it is not known who was the person who called to report that there was an injured person.

With information from Fox News and NY Post


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