Two former Mercedes engineers join Apple

A self-driving electric vehicle? An autonomous driving system to sell to other manufacturers? At the moment, it seems that the only thing that is confirmed is that Apple is working on a project related to the automotive industry.

The latest news that only confirms it the hiring of two former engineers from the German manufacturer Mercedes according to the guys at MacRumors.

These signings are added to that of a few months ago when he signed one of the top managers of the development of the BMW electric vehicle within the i range, movements that only confirm the Titan Project is still underway, although not as initially planned

These two engineers have gone on to join the Special Projects Group staff. Taking into account their work past, the logical thing is to think that they have joined the development of the Apple Car, an Apple Car that according to the latest rumors could start serial production by 2024

In the LinkedIn account of one of these workers, Dr. Anton Uselman, it can be read that he was working until August at Mercedes as a development engineer for the company’s driving systems and previously he was working at Porsche. At apple holds the position of Product Design Engineer. Regarding the second engineer, whose name we do not know, he has also worked as an engineer at the German firm Mercedes.

Although Apple has invested a lot of money to carry out this project, it will most likely turn to third parties, a manufacturer of established vehicles, to be able to streamline the launch and manufacturing of your vehicle.

At the beginning of the year it was rumored that Apple was negotiated with Hyundai to take advantage of a new base (chassis, motor and batteries) that will be used by the next Huawei vehicles, but it seems that everything came to nothing. The latest rumors in this regard point to Toyota.

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