Two interesting gaming monitors on offer for less than €150

We have first the monitor 21.5-inch Keep Out XGM22R with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. We are talking about a fairly simple monitor, but for those who use it casually to play, it is very good. If you want something more complete and bigger, we have the 27-inch LG 27MP60G-B that supports AMD FreeSync technology.

Keep Out XGM22R, a simple and cheap monitor

Your budget may be tight to acquire a new gaming monitor and more in these times. If you are going to play casually to disconnect from work or studies, this monitor is a very interesting option. It offers quite acceptable features considering its extremely tight price.

Surely Keep Out sounds familiar to you entry-level peripherals, quite basic, with a low price and more or less fair features. This monitor responds to this description, being a monitor with characteristics that we can say basic and price adjustment.

To start with, this monitor XGM22R is characterized by having a VA-type panel with a size of 21.5 inches. This monitor offers us a 1080p resolution, which has been established as the minimum standard in the industry. In addition, it has a 75Hz refresh rate and a response time of 4 ms. They are not very striking features, but for the price we cannot ask for much more.

This monitor offers us a brightness of 250 cd/m², which is within the minimum desirable values, and a contrast of 3000:1. This monitor integrates two 3 W speakers, which is an interesting complement. Regarding connectivity, it has one VGA, one HDMI and a 3.5mm jack plug.

Clearly, it is not a monitor for those looking to play at high refresh rates, but for casual gaming or simply to play for fun, it has very good features and the price is amazing.

LG 27MP60G-B, for those looking for something more complete

The first of the monitors that we propose is quite basic, yes you have gaming featuresbut it’s missing a few things. For those who want a little more quality and certain features like FreeSync or blue light mitigation, we have this option from LG.

The first thing that stands out about this monitor is its IPS-type panel with a size of 27 inches. This monitor has a 1080p resolution, which is currently quite common, especially for eSports games. offers us a 75Hz refresh rate and a response time of 5 ms. In addition, it is compatible with AMD Free Sync.

Additionally, this monitor has other quite interesting features. It has a reading mode that reduces blue light emission and eye fatigue. It also has Flicker Safe technology that reduces screen flickering, also helping to reduce eye strain.

Regarding connectivity, this monitor has one VGA port, one HDMI and one DisplayPort 1.4.

As we said, this is a slightly better monitor with features designed for those who want to play more frequently. Obviously, it is far from being a monitor for competitive games, but for a few games, more than enough.

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