Two keyboards to play very comfortable for less than 50 euros

We have first the keyboard THE G-LAB Keyz Rubidium, which has mechanical switches and, above all, wrist rests. On the other hand, we have the Newskill Serike, which also features mechanical switches and wrist rest. Although they agree on this, there are other elements that change between them and are quite interesting.

THE G-LAB Keyz Rubidium

Comfort, especially if we are going to spend many hours using the keyboard, is essential. Having a wrist rest may seem unhelpful, but it goes a long way in preventing wrist problems. This joint suffers a lot, especially if we do not have adequate support. Hence, these two keyboards have this element, which we consider essential in a gaming keyboard.

We start with possibly the kind of mechanical switches included in this keyboard. makes use of red Type Switches, although the manufacturer is not specified. These are specially designed for fast games such as shooters and other eSports games. The switches in question offer up to 50 million keystrokes.

It has a system of full backlight with management of single RGB for each of the keys. We have a great capacity for customization through this system. The company offers its own software that allows you to customize the lighting, as well as make other adjustments.

In addition, this keyboard has a macro system software customizable. This allows adjustments of key combos especially interesting for games like WoW, among others. Can to create nothing less than 32 different macross, thinking of all possible situations.

Additionally, this keyboard has n-key rollover technology for a anti ghosting full on all 105 keys. So we can type at full speed without the slightest problem. It also has a 12-key multimedia shortcut system.

This keyboard has been created to offer great durability. The finishes of this keyboard are of the best possible quality, not only to last a long time, but also to withstand heavy use for hours. It weighs approximately one kilo in weight and the cable is braided and reinforced, to prevent damage.

Something very interesting about this keyboard is that it is compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. This is not the most common, so it is a positive thing.

We have before us a very good keyboard that is highly recommended. It has very good features and now that it is on sale, it is a very interesting option for very little money.

Newskill Serike

For this occasion we have selected keyboards that have very good ergonomics. Postural hygiene is very important and is rarely taken into consideration. We must bear in mind that we will spend many hours and the wrists are not exactly designed to be in that unnatural position of an angle of about 30-45 degrees for so long, so the wrist rest reduces this incorrect position.

This Newskill keyboard features Outemu Red mechanical switcheswhich are of very good quality. They are the cheapest alternative to the Cherry MX and in terms of quality, they are more or less in the same point. They require an activation force of 47 grams and have a durability of 55 million keystrokes.

How could it be otherwise, this keyboard has RGB lighting. In this case it has 11 different lighting modes and a total of 8 different effects. Additionally, it has support for profiles and macros that can be adjust by own software Of the brand.

Newskill Serike

Although it is a full layout keyboard, it is a little more compact than other keyboards on the market. It is not a TKL model, but it has been sought to the maximum, to be as “small” as possible. In addition, it has a wrist rest that we can remove to store it when we are going to transport the keyboard or to clean it more comfortably.

This keyboard has something quite interesting and it is that it is compatible with MacOs and Android devices.

It seems to us a very good and very complete option for all those who love video games. It has everything we can ask for in a gaming keyboard, in addition to looking after our health.

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