Two out of three Spaniards fear that the supply crisis will affect Black Friday

The shortage crisis and the possible collapse in the supply chain begins to be a serious problem for the reactivation of consumption and fully affect the Black Friday, which will take place on November 26.

According to a study by the loan platform Younited, two thirds of Spaniards (66.4%) believe that this global crisis may affect the Black Friday campaign. More than half, 57%, fear that the main consequence of this situation is a high price of products, while 9% say they will choose to advance purchases to avoid the collapse.

Black Friday and its brother Cyber ​​Monday are dates that have been gaining more and more popularity among Spanish consumers. In fact, 64.5% of those surveyed by Younited consider that the Black Friday offers are really worth it, and more than half (58.1%) delay pending purchases to be able to acquire them at a discount on these dates.

Big discounts are still the biggest draw for buyers and, in fact, seven out of ten respondents say that when shopping on Black Friday, what they take into account the most is the reduction on the original price, compared to only two out of ten who say that what they value is being able to access high-end products that would normally be more difficult to access.

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Among those surveyed who say they will not buy on Black Friday (27.7%), a quarter of these consumers say they need to save after the pandemic, and another 28% that they will not buy because they do not need anything. And despite the popularity of this date, there is still 12.8% who say they do not buy because it is an American campaign.

Younited data shows that this Black Friday is also a time of reactivation of consumption. About 35% of consumers claim to have a closed budget for their purchases, although later 31.6% also admit that they end up spending more than what was budgeted.

On the other hand, 62.5% of those surveyed assure that they would consider increasing this amount if they could divide the payment, and for more than 58% the financial entity responsible for the payment would be a determining factor in deciding on that purchase in installments. Thus, one in four Spaniards (27.5% of those surveyed) plan to spend approximately 500 euros for purchases this Black Friday, 12.5% ​​say they will spend more than 1,000 euros and up to 7.5% plan to take advantage of the offers for large purchases, with a budget of more than 10,000 euros.

Computers, fashion and household appliances, the favorites

The data analyzed by Younited reveal that technology, fashion and household appliances are the main categories chosen by the Spanish for this Black Friday. The great favorites are undoubtedly the tech items, which will be chosen by 41.7% of those surveyed by Younited. Fashion and beauty products (27.8%) and household appliances (26.1%) would occupy the second and third position respectively.

It is followed closely by the purchase of furniture and decoration (25.2%) and travel and leisure (19.1%). In addition to these more popular categories, Black Friday seems to be slowly making its way to other industries. For example, 3.5% of respondents plan to take the opportunity to invest in medical or health services (such as cosmetic or dental treatments) and about 1% will opt for items for weddings or other special events.

In addition, Younited reveals that fortunately there are no strong stereotypes as to who spends more during the sales, men or women, since 76% consider that it is not a question of gender. However, 19% still think that women spend more, almost four times more than those who think that men spend more. Finally, purchases in this period are not without controversy since up to 6.5% admit to having argued with their partner or a relative about the expense at this time.

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