Types of infected in The Last of Us (HBO Max): how many are there?

Close up of a Clicker in the HBO Max series The Last of Us

The last episode of The Last of Us -remember that HBO Max launched it this Saturday- has left us with the image of a new type of infected hitherto never seen in the TV series. Those who have enjoyed the video game did know about it, but those who have discovered the story of Joel and Ellie will now have raised an eyebrow wondering how many types of weird bugs more we can get to see. For all of them we have made this short route. Take note.

HBO Max’s breakout series

Many of us believed that it would be impossible to achieve series records like Game of Thrones either the house of the dragonbut it is that we never counted on that one would be made adaptation as good as the one we are living with The Last of Us.

Ellie in a scene from the series The Last of Us

TV fiction, based on the video game of the same name, gives us week after week episodes that continue to keep the bar high, thanks to a fantastic setting and a deep respect for the original story. Even the creative licenses that are being taken to adapt it to television are more than successful -what a chapter 1×03 with Bill and Frank-, making this title one of the best that has been seen on the small screen in years.

As we say, its great success is based on an excellent adaptation, not only of the apocalyptic scenario or the main characters, but also of the infected. And it is that in the videogame It is possible to meet different types of creatures, which little by little are also appearing on TV.

The infected by TLOU

So that you situate yourself well and know how to differentiate them correctly, we leave you the profile of each monster below.


Image of some infected Runners in The Last of Us

Runners are the weakest stage of infected. They are people who just converted a few days ago. They are very fast and bite to spread the fungus, but they are also chaotic, simple and easy to defeat. They tend to “work” en masse and, in the series, they are connected as a hive mind, so that some can “call” others to attack at a specific point.


Image of two Stalkers (Stalkers) from the video game The Last of Us

We went to a higher level of infection. These creatures have been infected for 2 weeks to a year and maintain the physical abilities of the Runners, as well as having developed (or regained) some reasoning, which allows them to attack more intelligently, hiding and stalking their victims in the dark. The fungus begins to grow on their head and face in a more visible way and although they still see out of one eye, they begin to develop their echolocation abilities.

This is how they have staged it in the TV series:

Image of a Stalker in the HBO series The Last of Us


Image of a Clicker from the video game The Last of Us

We now move on to bigger words. This is the third stage of infection, which they have reached after more than a year of contact with the fungus. They now have strength that exceeds that of the average human but have completely stopped seeingso they only react to sound (they use echolocation to detect their victims).

Under these lines you can see how they have represented it in the series.

Image of a Clicker in the HBO series The Last of Us


Image of a Bloater from the video game The Last of Us

Also Known As “Pordinflons”. It has been the last creature we have seen on the screen -very well adapted, by the way- and it has left us all stunned. Like the Clickers, they have completely lost their vision, but have continued to develop their hearing and echolocation abilities after years of infection. Besides bodily they have evolvedsince the fungus has continued to grow strong throughout his body, creating a kind of armor around it.

In the way that you see under these lines you can see its recreation in chapter 1 × 05 of the HBO Max series.

Image of a Bloated in the HBO series The Last of Us

Shaker (Shamblers)

Image of a wobbly creature from The Last of Us 2

It is very possible that we will not see this creature until the second seasonsince it seems that only the first 4 types of infected are the ones that have been raised for this first installment of the story -also in the gamer saga, they do not make an appearance until The Last of Us 2.

Even so, we tell you that this unpleasant creature usually lives in water zones and although they are clumsier in movement than the Clickers or Bloaters, they have superior strength and are potentially dangerous for expelling clouds of contagious spores from their bodies, even when they die, as a final burst.

Rat King

The Last of Us 2

This monstrosity did not appear until The Last of Us 2 and we could say that it is the culmination of the infection, to put it in some way. It’s about a superorganism in which several stalkers, clickers and a blower have come together, all connected to each other by the fungus. Crazy.

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