Ubisoft+: try the free game subscription service for a week

It does not seem that Ubisoft+, the game subscription service of the French giant, has been received as others have been and there are reasons for it: a powerful but limited catalog, a slightly excessive price compared to what the competition offers, Ubisoft itself…

Are you one of those who wanted to try it and evaluate its quality? The occasion they paint her bald, and it is that Ubisoft + already offers a trial period, 7 days free in which to take a good in-depth look at everything that the service gives of itself, which in all honesty is not so little.

At Ubisoft+ you will find more than a hundred games, including titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, far cry 6, Rainbow Six Extraction and a long etcetera of everything that the French company has generated in recent years and something else. There is no shortage of franchises like the ones mentioned and others like Anno, Rayman, Prince of Persia…

Other Ubisoft+ enticements include day one access to new releases, premium editions, and exclusive discounts on the company’s games, as well as monthly rewards like customizable game items and other bait for, respectfully, rat children on duty.


As for the Ubisoft+ plans, there are two: 14.99 euros per month for access to the complete catalogue, to the new releases and to the ‘premium’ editions; or 17.99 euros for the same, plus access to many of the games, but not all, through Google Stadia, to play them for streaming from any compatible device.

Do you prefer to try it, before paying? Do you have until May 11 to take advantage of the free week of Ubisoft +. A week that, if you are on vacation and with full availability, gives you more time to polish a few of Ubisoft’s greatest hits. You have all the information and the gateway on the official Ubisoft + page.

Of course, keep in mind that to enjoy the free trial week you have to subscribe regularly, so do not forget to unsubscribe before consuming the seven days, if you do not want to be charged the monthly fee. And, as is often the case with these types of offers, it’s only valid for new customers (usually with a new email account and credit or debit card to spare).

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