Ubisoft wants to avoid a full takeover to keep control over its games

Things are becoming clearer regarding a potential takeover of Ubisoft. According to a recent report, the Guillemot family, at the head of the company since its creation, do not want to see their games taken away from them. Also, it is currently looking for a financial partner that would allow it to maintain its independence.

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Ubisoft is one of these French prides internationally. Whether you are a fan of its games or not – and omitting the dark cases of harassment – ​​it must be recognized that the company is now a major player in video games on a global scale. A pride all the stronger that the latter has always wanted to remain independent. We thus remember his fierce fight, in 2016, against the takeover offensive by Vivendi.

But since then, the video game landscape has changed a lot. Industry giants were bought out for a few tens of billions of dollars, and Ubisoft did not benefit from the influence of the 2010s. If the Assassin’s Creed saga is still doing just as well, the same cannot really be said for Far Cry , or even upcoming games such as Beyond Good and Evil 2 and the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time which seem to be experiencing some development issues.

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Despite the potential takeover, Ubisoft wants to remain independent

Without counting, once again, on the scandal linked to harassment which shook the company during the summer of 2020 and which permanently tarnished its image. This would explain this slight reversal of the situation for Ubisoft, which is no longer so closed to the idea of ​​being bought out. Nevertheless, the Guillemot family, which has been at the head of the company since its creation, does not want to lose control over the licenses that have made it famous.

According to a recent report, the latter is rather aiming for a partnership with investment companies, which would allow it to protect itself against other aggressive offers à la Vivendi. And thus, maintain his independence so dear to his heart. “We have always made our decisions in the interest of our stakeholders, who are our players, our employees and our shareholders”said CEO Yves Guillemot last February.

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