Ubisoft wants to make a GTA Online-style Assassin’s Creed

An endless world based on Assassin’s Creed

The clues come, how could it be otherwise, through Jason Schreier, who has published in Bloomberg a series of details of the next great Ubisoft project, which would receive the name of Assassin’s Creed Infinity. Apparently the Montreal and Quebec teams would be involved, and it would seek to provide a gaming service with live events in the same way as GTA Online or Fortnite does, for example.

The idea is that instead of launching a game to which then adding DLC’s, they would directly focus on a new online platform in which all studios could enter to create a game in constant evolution, being able to deliver different experiences throughout the year to the while maintaining the essence of the game.

The project exists

The interesting thing is that more than being a simple rumor of the many that arrive daily, it is information with a lot of weight, since Ubisoft itself has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Infinity exists (in development), but unsurprisingly, they preferred not to go into details.

Schreier’s article talks about a unified structure when it comes to teams, so we will no longer have Montreal developers focused on one game (Valhalla) and Quebec developers on another (Odyssey). Here everyone thinks and works the same thing.

When will it be announced?

Unfortunately we are facing one of those too premature clues that do not invite us to think about an imminent launch, since there is talk that Assassin Creed Infinity will not arrive until 2024, so arm yourself with patience and continue enjoying the current deliveries, which are not bad at all.

Is it the game we want?

Assassin's creed

Titles like Fortnite or the GTA Online proposal have proven to be real gold mines for their developers, however, the dedication it requires from the technical team is titanic, and that sometimes affects the working conditions of each team.

To all this we must also add the constant dedication that the player undergoes to be able to keep up to date with all the releases and the storyline that the game proposes, basically becoming games that absorb all the free time that we have left for play video games. Is that what we want? It is evident that Ubisoft only seeks the economic benefit for its work, but some users may not agree to see this pharaonic project starting a new stage in the Assassin’s Creed saga. What do you think?

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