Ukraine automates cyberattacks against Russia

Ukraine continues its efforts in cyberspace to disrupt Russian infrastructure, whether with the support of Anonymous or with the help of the many hackers who have joined the country’s cyber army. According to the ZATAZ blog, a brand new tool allows Ukrainian cyberforces to automate their attacks against Russia.

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As you may know, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is also taking place over cyberspace. Since the beginning of the war, Russian hackers have multiplied cyberattacks using terrible malware capable of deleting all data stored on Ukrainian servers/PCs.

Faced with these repeated attacks, the Ukrainian government has decided to call on all hackers in the country and elsewhere to create a Ukrainian cyberarmy. “We are creating an IT army. We need digital talent. There will be tasks for everyone. We will continue to fight on the cyber front,” declared Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister in charge of Ukrainian digital transformation.

From a channel available on Telegram, the leaders of the IT Army of Ukraine invite all those who wish to join the war effort and list, for example, hundreds of Russian websites in .ru to target, which include government platforms, banks, companies, etc.

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Ukraine automates cyberattacks with new tool

Recentlythe IT Army of Ukraine has set up sites that allow Mr. and Mrs. everyone to assist in the cyber war against Russia. In fact, it is enough to go to one of the sites in question, and the mere presence of Internet users allows Ukrainian cyberforces to launch attacking connections. And the more people, the better. In addition, and as reported by the ZATAZ blog of computer security researcher David Bancal, the Ukrainian cyberforces have been equipped since this Saturday, March 26, 2022 with a new tool that automates cyberattacks against Russia.

We hesitated for a long time on the technical solution to recommend because it must be a tool that we can trust. When selecting this solution, great attention was paid to its simplicity and cross-platform nature.” explain the officials of the IT Army of Ukraine. Without going into details, this software receives the targeted Russian addresses via a remote control server, and then attacks them without human action necessary. It is the IT Army of Ukraine, however, which is responsible for updating the targets and setting the frequency of the attacks.

Source: ZATAZ

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