ULMA Packaging supports its growth and international expansion in Sage X3 and Alive

ULMA Packaging is a company specialized in the design and production of packaging equipment and services. Materialized in an experience of more than 50 years, with a human team of 1,740 highly qualified professionals and together with the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, it offers extensive and innovative solutions in packaging equipment and systems with one main objective: to contribute an additional value to your customers.

With a perimeter of twenty companies and a network of subsidiaries spread over five continents, ULMA Packaging works mainly for the food sector (which represents 90% of its annual sales) and the medical-health sector. This diversification meant that each of the group’s subsidiaries had its own program and guidelines for keeping the accounts.

For this reason, the company launched a project to select an ERP solution that would allow them to unify all these processes in a single management software, respecting the legislation of each subsidiary.

After evaluating various ERPs, they chose Sage X3 “Because it has a great international presence and because of its connectivity capacity with other systems” points out Iñaki Alzibar – Responsible for economic control at ULMA Packaging.

“Later, from the Sage X3 manufacturer itself, Alive Business Consulting was recommended to us as one of the best companies in Spain to carry out this type of project” Iñaki concludes.

“Initially this project was a challenge for us because ULMA Packaging is part of a cooperative and has a network of companies and subsidiaries spread all over the world, the legislative and connectivity complexity of the project was very high” includes Ignacio Larrucea, project manager and Director of Services at Alive Business Consulting.

However, this was what facilitated the analysis and implementation of the Alive Business Consulting team, since ULMA Packaging was very clear about its priorities and the company’s management model. The functionalities that Sage X3 sought to cover are: general administration, accounting, logistics and services.

After three years of implementation and success in adapting users to Sage X3; ULMA Packaging intends to work together with Alive to continue with the implementation of the program in other markets such as the Netherlands and Poland.

In this project we have worked on the management of the project at an international level and the relationship with the different partners where Sage X3 will be implemented; second, we forged a central management model for the company; and, third and last, we train key users of Sage X3 and provide technical assistance when the requirements of international affiliates.

For ULMA Packaging “Alive has been a real discovery.” One of the issues that Iñaki Alzibar values ​​most about working with Alive Business Consulting is that the high qualification and professionalism of the entire team, gives as an example that “We have recently made a migration change from version 11 to version 12 of Sage X3, and in that version change we have complied with the times and, on the other hand, we have reduced the budget initially proposed.”

The packaging sector is having a very important development worldwide, at ULMA Packaging the growth expectations are very high, and our commitment is to guarantee your expectations with the Sage X3 technology, which will be a very important agent in the development of the company’s market.

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