Ultraman: The 1966 classic TV series is available for free (and legally) on YouTube

Ultraman, the 1966 tokusatsu TV series starring the iconic sci-fi character, is available completely free on YouTube.

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the franchise, Tsuburaya Productions (Gridman) who produces the series and who owns Ultraman’s YouTube channel started 100% legal free streaming of the show that made an entire generation of kids dream, even when it first debuted in Italy in 1980.

How to watch the 1966 Ultraman classic series for free on YouTube

The first two episodes of the show are already available at this address, along with the other TV series of the saga such as Ultraman Galaxy, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Trigger and many others.

Here’s how the channel describes the story of the hit TV series tokusatsu:

A pair of strange luminous spheres dart across the sky of Lake Ryugamori. It is a red sphere chasing a blue sphere, and both are observed and monitored by agent Hayata of the Science Special Search Party, also known as the “Science Patrol”.

Trying to keep up with their tremendous speed, the red ball collides with de Hayata’s piloted plane. The latter is saved in extremis, almost resurrected from the devastating effects of the tremendous impact, by a gigantic red and silver extraterrestrial humanoid from the “Land of Light” in Nebula M78 and a component of the “Garrison of the Ultra”, which merges with the terrestrial and gives him the Beta Capsule ”, a device that will allow him to transform his shape at will.

Now Hayata can transform into Ultraman and defend Earth from any possible alien threat.

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