Ultrasone ISAR, LAPIS and Meteor One: three new wireless headphones

Ultrasone has presented three new headphones that come to complete its already extensive range of models, but which have a particularity: they are the first wireless headphones from this German manufacturer. More specifically, we refer to the ISAR, an on-ear model, the LAPIS, an in-ear model, and the Meteor One, a model specially designed for gamers. Let’s take a look at what the new Ultrasone headphones have to offer.

But first it’s worth noting that Ultrasone is a Bavaria-based manufacturer specializing in high-quality headphones. This German manufacturer boasts of creating “works of sound art” handmade, with top quality materials (noble woods, sheepskin, etc) and with great care. They are so confident in the quality and durability of their products that they offer a five year warranty. The headphones are designed so that the user can change the ear tips and cables when they are worn.

With the new iSAR, LAPIS and Meteor One, Ultrasone enters the world of wireless headphones. These three new models are, according to the manufacturer itself, the fruit of more than two years of development and research. The S logic technology, key in the manufacturer’s wired models, is also included in the new on-ear models. And the best of all is that we are facing quite acceptable price headphones.

Ultrasound ISAR

headphone Ultrasone ISAR front

The ISAR are on-ear headphones that have an active noise cancellation system. More specifically, they include a hybrid technology for active noise cancellation that reduces, according to the manufacturer, up to 40 dB. This system uses microphones placed inside and outside the earphones to detect ambient noise and generate a corresponding counter signal that effectively filters noise. On the other hand, the ambient sound mode is customizable, so the user is the one who decides how much he wants to hear from his environment.

They have connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 with multipoint connection and support for AAC and Apt-X HD codecs. On the other hand, they are equipped with a touch control located on the right earpiece. This allows you to control music, volume and calls easily and quickly.

The Ultrasound ISAR are already on sale on the manufacturer’s website with an official price of €229.

Ultrasound LAPIS

headphones Ultrasone LAPIS case

The LAPIS are the first True Wireless headphones from the manufacturer. They are equipped with a active noise cancellation system that works through 6 microphones and have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

On the other hand, they are equipped with a battery that provides up to 9 hours of autonomy in the headphones, plus 35 hours through the charging case. A case that has fast and wireless charging.

Otherwise, the LAPIS include a multifunction interface for headphone control. The new ones Ultrasound LAPIS are now available on the manufacturer’s website with an official price of €179.

Ultrasound Meteor One

Ultrasonic Meteor One earphones

Finally, Ultrasone has introduced a headset with a detachable microphone specially designed for gamers. They are equipped with 40mm drivers precisely tuned for detailed sound. They weigh only 230 grams and have memory foam ear pads very soft so that they do not become annoying in long gaming sessions.

The Meteor Ones have a “Tactical mode” that lowers latency to a minimum and they show off an RGB lighting system with different color options and effects. They equip a 550 mAh battery that offers a autonomy up to 15 hours And it charges in two hours.

The new ones Ultrasound Meteor One are now available on the manufacturer’s website with an official price of €199.

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