UN recommends not using the word “miss” for discrimination

The United Nations (UN) issued a series of strategies to guide the use of the inclusive language regarding gender and avoid phrases that are discriminatory, like the word “miss”.

In its text, the UN recommends avoiding the use of the word “miss” because it unnecessarily exposes “the marital status of women “, instead it is recommended to use” madam “and” sir “to refer to people.

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The strategies are intended for the staff of the United Nations -although the external public can also use them-, so it is recommended to consult the directory and if it appears as “Ms”Then you have to use them courtesy.

“Furthermore, we must be consistent when referring to men and women: if we mention men by name, surname, title or profession, for example, we should do the same with women ”, explains the UN.

Discriminatory expressions

The UN also asked to avoid those expressions that may have a “negative connotation that arises from a stereotyped conception of the characteristics of genders”.

  • Men do not cry.
  • Act like a girl.
  • He behaves like a man / like a young lady.
  • He is strong as a man.

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He also recommended not using the expressions that perpetuate stereotypes “about the roles socially assigned to genders”, Using as an example the phrase“ Nurses and doctors participated in the sector strike ”to change it to“ Health personnel participated in the sector strike.

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Why is inclusive language important?

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