UN responds to Elon Musk: “Instead of tweets, let yourself be shown” how to end hunger, tells him

After Elon musk promised to “end world hunger” if the UN presented him with a well-crafted plan to do so, David Beasley, director of the UN World Food ProgramHe stated that he is willing to personally discuss with Musk to show the tycoon how the organization works to achieve the position and thus “convince” him to finance more efforts.

Instead of tweets, allow yourself to be shown. We can meet anywhere (on Earth or in space), but I suggest we do it on the ground, where you can see the staff, the processes and, yes, the technology at work, “the senior official wrote on his account. Twitter

Did Elon Musk promise to end world famine?

The founding businessman of Tesla and SpaceX He assured on Twitter that he was willing to sell a package of shares in his automotive company and donate 6 billion dollars (a sum that only equals 2% of his fortune) to end hunger on the planet, but only if they explained how that money would be used.

According to the UN, That amount could help 42 million people facing severe levels of food insecurity. David Beasley explained that last year, when Tesla sold 500 thousand units, the World Food Program gave food to “more than 115 million people with almost 20 billion servings“.

“You know how to make cars; we know how to feed people. Decades of proven experience. Systems and operations in place. I can’t wait to show you how we do it. Maybe you can show us how to do it better,” added David Beasley.

Beasley noted that there is already a plan to eradicate famine and that if you want to act in good faith, you can review the financial statements and operational documents, as well as your independent evaluation reports, audits and annual performance reports at the global and national levels, which are “public”. “Do not hesitate to consult them: we are an open book“, he concluded.


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