unbeatable deals on SSD for PS5 and PC

Although the PS5 comes standard with 1TB of storage space, games are already (far) over 100GB. Therefore, although newly released it seems that we are going to be able to install all the games we want, after installing 6 triple A games we will see how we are starting to run out of space. And, in 2023, this is going to become a problem. Luckily, it’s very easy to expand the storage space of this console: just buy a NVMe-SSDsuch as the ones that we leave you below that, in addition, are of black friday offer.

To give us the best performance, new generation consoles (just like PCs) currently use solid state storage drives. Specifically, NVMe SSD drives, which provide us with a performance more than 10 times higher than that of any conventional SSD drive, and infinitely higher than that of classic hard drives. However, the price per gigabyte of these drives is much higher than that of any other storage medium.

Luckily, if we know how to find the right moment, we will be able to buy one of these units at unbeatable prices.

Two NVMe offers for PC and PS5

This Black Friday is leaving us surprising offers. One of the most interesting is this Samsung 980Pro, an internal SSD, of the NVMe M.2 type, which we can connect to both a computer and a PS5. This storage unit has a 1 TB capacity, and offers us speeds of up to 7000 MB/s. In addition, to reduce temperature problems, it mounts a very high-quality aluminum heatsink.

The standard price of this unit is 225.99 euros, but this Black Friday allows us to get hold of it with a 28% discount, that is, for €162.44.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for a 2 TB NVMe SSD, to have much more storage space on the console, another very good offer that we find is this one. Corsair MP600 Pro. This SSD is specially optimized for PS5, and allows us to reach speeds of up to 7100 MB/s, even higher than the previous model. It complies with PlayStation standards and is very easy to mount on the console. A sure winning bet.

Other accessories on offer to enhance the PS5

In addition to these two NVMe SSDs, which are the best (and cheapest) we can find for PS5, we can also find other very interesting offers to take our gaming experience to a new level. We are talking, for example, about these Turtle Beach Stealth 700P headphones, wireless headphones specially designed for consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, etc.) that, for a few days, we can buy for 50 euros less.

And, if you like car and racing games, of course you can’t miss one of the best steering wheels for PlayStation, the Logitech G29. This steering wheel with pedals has Force Feedback technology and will allow us to fully enjoy this type of game, offering us an almost real driving experience. Its price, this Black Friday, has dropped from almost 400 euros to just 219 euros. A real bargain.

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