Unboxing the SD-WAN Gateway VPN firewall

This device is capable of providing a throughput with firewall up to 1.8GbpsRegarding the performance of the VPN with 3DES/AES encryption, it reaches up to 450Mbps, in addition, we will be able to create a total of up to 200 tunnels simultaneously, allowing the creation of 200 tunnels for each protocol it supports (IPSec, PPTP/L2TP, OpenVPN and GRE). This model allows a total of up to 200,000 open concurrent sessions, so we can connect hundreds of wired or wireless clients and generate a large amount of network traffic.

The D-Link DBG-2000 has a 16MB capacity flash memory, has a total of 4GB of DDR4 SDRAM RAM, a maximum power consumption of 20W and has dimensions of 135 x 215 x 42mm with a total of 1 ,65Kg of weight.

software features

This equipment allows basic management through a firmware that is accessed by connecting locally, in any of its three LAN ports, since they are configured this way by default. This basic management is to configure the Internet connection at first, and that it can communicate with the Cloud to later deploy all the advanced configurations that we carry out.

All management is done through Nuclias Cloud, so monitoring and configuration is always done from the cloud in a truly intuitive way. The manufacturer D-Link has separated the configuration of this equipment into two very different sections, the first It’s of “networks» where we configure everything related to the local network and Internet. The second is that of “Safety» where we configure all aspects related to security, both of the device itself and of the equipment that we connect to the network, and finally the VPN part where we have all the protocols.


This section is where we will be able to configure the physical ports as we want, except for the LAN1 port that is always configured as Internet WAN. In this case, we can configure any Internet connection, including the possibility of defining a VLAN ID to connect to fiber operators. The LAN4 port will also always be configured as LAN, although we can edit its IP configuration, DHCP server and other basic parameters. Finally, we can configure the LAN2 and LAN3 ports as WAN/LAN/DMZ, and we will have a large number of options available.

Nuclias Cloud gives us the possibility of configure VLANs on the LAN as tagged, we can use the VLANs for the LAN in any of the ports that we have configured for this purpose, although we will always have VLAN 1 configured in these ports, so if we want to use the VLANs we will necessarily have to connect a manageable switch to the network. Other options at the network level are the possibility of configuring static routes, creating route policies, configuring RIPv2 and also OSPFv2 to have the possibility of configuring an IGP network with the two most popular protocols.

Other options are to configure the Jumbo Frames, IGMP, UPnP, ALGstraffic management with Traffic Shaping and we can even configure a captive portal with a large number of advanced configuration options.


In the security section we can configure different rules for IPv4 networks, that is, the typical ACLs to allow or deny network traffic between different source and destination networks. We can also set the Port Forwarding and the Port Triggering, as long as we have NAT activated on the computer. Finally, we can also configure 1:1 NAT, if we need this functionality.

The IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) of this equipment is one of the most remarkable software features, we will be able to activate this functionality in a very simple way without the need to have extensive knowledge of networks and security, because the signatures are automatically downloaded from the cloud and we do not have to register them manually , although we cannot see which ones we have working either. We can also activate the IPS/IDS from the LAN to WAN and even from the DMZ to the WAN if we want. Of course, the D-Link DBG-2000 will allow us to configure different network attack mitigation measures, so we will have additional security in the local network.

Another star function of Nuclias Cloud is the part of web content filtering, and it is that we will be able to allow or block websites on demand, and we can also use the D-Link database based on different categories of content, to greatly facilitate configuration. Of course, we also have the possibility of activating the application control list.


In the Nuclias Cloud VPN section we will be able to configure different VPN protocols, the most notable being IPsec, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and we can even establish GRE tunnels. Thanks to this, we can create VPN tunnels between different headquarters or branches of our companies, in addition, we can connect them to each other in a very simple way if we have several DBG-2000 distributed by each headquarters.

In this way, D-Link will greatly facilitate the configuration and establishment of connections, without the need to have extensive knowledge of networks, although it is true that you will have to know a minimum about virtual private networks to be able to configure the different protocols and what it is. the best for you.

Now that you have seen the hardware features and everything that Nuclias Cloud allows us to do, let’s see the unboxing and first impressions of this device.

Unboxing the D-Link DBG-2000

The D-Link DBG-2000 is a very small unit, with Gigabit Ethernet, console and USB ports on the front. Inside the box we can see the adapters to rack this equipment in the rack, since it is a professional-range equipment, as is the case with manageable switches and WiFi access points. This device has a design quite similar to the DNH-100 hardware WiFi controller, although logically both devices are clearly different and aimed at different uses.

Soon in RedesZone we are going to offer you a complete analysis of this very interesting equipment, we will show you both the real performance of the device in the LAN-LAN tests with inter VLAN activated, LAN-WAN as well as the performance with OpenVPN. We will also show you each and every one of the Nuclias Cloud configuration menus so that you can see all the available options.

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