Uncharted 5: the game is already starting to be talked about

The Uncharted saga may well return in the future. Naughty Dog is indeed looking for talent to work on new episodes. After the successful porting of Uncharted 4 on PS5 and the success of the film at the box office, it was hard to imagine Sony letting the hen laying the golden eggs sleep.

Uncharted is more relevant than ever. Although the last episode was released in 2017 (The Lost Legacy), the port of Uncharted 4 on PS5 as well as the success of the film with Tom Holland put the saga back in the spotlight. She could also sign his big comeback in a new part.

The question of an Uncharted 5 has been around for years now. Naughty Dog’s Christina-Marie Drake McBreaty puts a coin back into the machine in a LinkedIn post, where she clearly mentions the project.

Uncharted 5 may begin development soon

Christina-Marie Drake McBreaty has just been hired by the studio as a headhunter. His role ? Finding the talents to create the games of tomorrow. In her LinkedIn post, she says:

“It’s special for me to be able to build future teams not only for new games, but also for the legacy of Uncharted. »

This isn’t the first time a member of Naughty Dog has brought up the subject. He even comes back to the mat often. The last time was at the release of Uncharted 4 on PS5, where President Kurt Margenau said in the columns of Games Radar that “never say never”.

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Uncharted 4 has clearly ended the story of Nathan Drake, the series’ flagship hero. But the stand alone The Lost Legacy proved it was possible to focus on other characters, just as interesting. That would definitely be the direction Uncharted 5 would go, if Uncharted 5 there is.

Note that Amy Hennig, the creative director of the first three parts of the series who has since left Naughty Dog, announced a few days ago working on a Star Wars game with his new studio, Skydance New Media. We know little about the project, but it should undoubtedly be closer to what was done with Uncharted.

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