Uncharted: the Italian trailer of the film with Tom Holland as Natan Drake arrives

The first official trailer of Uncharted, the film based on the action-adventure videogame saga of the same name Naughty Dog And Sony.

Despite the film, starring Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake, is not a direct transposition of the famous videogame, the first trailer however puts us in front of situations already seen in the games. In particular, we can admire the scene in which Nathan falls from the hold of a cargo plane entangled by one foot on the transported load, a sequence familiar to fans who will remember her in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

The first trailer of the Uncharted movie

But let’s not delay and enjoy the first Uncharted trailer both in Italian and in the original language.

The development of the film inspired by Uncharted started in 2008, when producer Avi Arad started working with Sony to bring the game series to the big screen. After being on standby for years, with an incredible rotation of directors and screenwriters, the film eventually landed in the hands of Ruben Fleischer. Mark Wahlberg, originally cast for the role of Nathan Drake, was moved to the role of Sully, while Tom Holland entered production to play the protagonist.

Uncharted release date and details

At the moment we know that Uncharted will arrive in the US on February 18, 2022, while as regards the Italian market, no release date has yet been specified, although it will still be in the very first months of 2022 when the film will debut internationally.

Ruben Fleischer (Venom) directs the film after names such as Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy, David O. Russell, Neil Burger and Travis Knight, all filmmakers who later abandoned the project, took over the director’s chair.

Fleischer follows the script signed by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway And Rafe Judkins which were based on an original story written by Mark D. Walker, Jon Hanley Rosenberg And Dan Trachtenberg.

Avi Arad, Charles Roven, And Alex Gartner they are producing the film together with Neil Druckmann, co-chair of Naughty Dog.

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