Uncharted – Transcending Gaming by Exploring New Territories

Uncharted is a niche game franchise that non-gamers may or may not have heard of, unlike some of the more popular titles such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Still, it’s fair to say that the game’s impact on the industry has been huge and now the franchise is exploring new territories and transcending its original sector.  

Naughty Dog on the Map  

Naughty Dog is the developer of Uncharted. It would be unfair to say that the company was unknown before the introduction of Nathan Drake because most avid gamers will always have a soft spot for some of their older titles such as Crash Bandicoot, for example. Crash Bandicoot was a commercial success and adored by fans because of its vivid graphics, the protagonist’s lack of fear, and the simple, easy-to-master gameplay. 

However, compared to Uncharted, its other releases are relatively small fry. To put it into perspective, Uncharted 4 sold 15 million copies by May 2019 and racked up 37 million players. You can multiply the total number by four because that’s how many editions exist and it’s doubly impressive as the game is only available on Sony platforms.  

Almost every video game maximizes its bottom line by appealing to gamers across the spectrum. Uncharted transcended the gaming world when it reached staggering numbers that are based on the PlayStation alone.  

Giving the Developer a Wider Reach  

As you may expect from such high-grossing numbers, this gave Naughty Dog and Sony lots of flexibility in terms of reaching new audiences. The developer’s games rumored to be in development are exciting, but so is the movie trailer for a film that stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which is due to reach US theaters by February 18th, 2022.  

The $120 million budget shows the demand for the franchise: producers wouldn’t spend that kind of money if they didn’t think they would recoup it at the box office. Plus, the fact that the story is a prequel to the games dovetails perfectly with the different media formats as they will work together seamlessly.  

Yet, the video sector isn’t the only gaming market that Uncharted is influencing. The iGaming world is feeling the effects, even if there isn’t an official Uncharted online slot. It’s not hard to see the influence of Naughty Dog’s flagship idea in 1429 Uncharted Seas, as well as Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx, two slots on SugarHouse Casino that have the same vibe as Uncharted.

The main characters share physical similarities to Nathan Drake, too. Of course, as these markets start to open to more customers, such as PA online casinos that are part of the fastest-growing remote gambling sector in the US, Uncharted’s reach will become more powerful because other developers will copy the strategy to attract customers. Seeing as it works – highlighted by the popularity of Uncharted-esque slots and the value of the industry – it’s not a bad tactic. 

So, the next time someone tells you that GTA and FIFA are the most important video games, remind them about Uncharted’s transformation into a Hollywood-iGaming monster. 

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