understand your electricity bill, and find the best price with these websites

Interpreting our electricity bill is a very complicated task in many cases. The same thing happens when choosing the electricity company that most interests us. However, at this time and thanks to the internet, we can use a series of web pages that allow us to find cheap electricity providers and compare the rates of these power companies. So we can choose the one that most interests us depending on our needs and types of consumption.

In addition, these websites are generally independent from the electricity companies as such. But first of all we will show you the factors that we must take into account when choosing one company or another.

What should I take into account when choosing an electric company?

We have already told you that reading and interpreting an electricity bill today is quite complicated. The same thing happens when we are forced to choose an electric company. Obviously here the first thing we must take into consideration is the kWh price offered by each of the companies. But this value is not the only thing we must take into consideration. We must also look in detail the sectionsif any, in which the pricing offered by the company varies.

We can also find some cases in which there is a fixed fee to which we must also add our monthly rating. Others do not have that fixed fee that we are talking about, something that we should look at. Something very similar happens with the Toll, there are electric companies that charge it and others do not. Here we refer to the amount that the distribution company charges us for using its electrical networks. On the other hand, and based on our needs, we can also choose between those electric companies that offer us a fixed or variable price.

To finish, we will tell you that in the event that you are also going to hire a gas service together with electricity, you should also see if there is a cap for gas consumptionor not.

Websites to compare electricity rates and choose well

As is the case with home or home insurance that we use today, we find websites that compare the electricity rates. In this way we will have the possibility to choose the one that interests us the most, as long as we take into consideration the sections mentioned above.

electrical comparator light

The best we can do is study well what each company offers and what these websites collect, and select the one that best suits our needs. Let’s see some interesting electric rate comparators.

  • Selectra: This is a rate comparator that gives us the opportunity to choose the choice of electric companies, gas companies, or both. In addition, it provides us with all the needed information for each company and their telephone numbers so that we can contact them directly.
  • Kolondoo: Here we find a website that focuses on offering us all kinds of services and comparing their prices. In addition to Internet companies, it also gives us the possibility to make a better choice by comparing the different electricity distributors. It directly offers us the prices of each of the companies, as well as their most important services and limitations.
  • ChooseBest22: in this case we will also have the possibility to compare rates for electricity, natural gas, or both. First of all, we will have to provide some information about our home so that we can be provided with the most attractive rates.
  • CNMC: To finish, we will talk about this interesting comparator of the CNMC itself in which we can choose electricity and gas ratesor both together.

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