UniConverter: The Perfect Video Swiss Army Knife for Your Mac


I believe that the second thing that all of us who buy a first device do is look for applications that help us with our day to day. The first thing is the configuration. UniConverter is one of those applications that are like a swiss army knife if what we are looking for is a complete video pack. In the same place we can find several functional tools that will make our lives easier. That is why it is good to highlight what we can do with it on our Mac.

UniConverter for Mac has a lot of very useful tools for video: convert files, compress videos, we can edit clips, burn DVDs, create GIFs and much more. The application has support for more than 1000 video formats. Even the most extravagant codec can be handled in a single application. MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV are included. We can even export clips as animated GIFs.

With UniConverter we can choose the most optimized format for each of our devices. We can have more quality for the iPad or a smaller and lighter format for the iPhone. It is also valid for Android devices. We cannot forget that it also works for virtual reality headsets and all popular game consoles. The application uses GPU acceleration where available and can convert to 4K without losing quality.

With this app, we will can:

  • Shorten clip segments.
  • To combine multiple clips in a single file.
  • Add watermarks
  • Adjust speed Of reproduction
  • Apply filters Of video
  • Modify the Audio, raising or lowering the volume.
  • Include Subtitle. We can easily synchronize the words with the video timeline, generating SRT files.
  • Compression of files without loss of quality
  • Screen recording, being able to even combine video transmissions from the webcam and the desktop. Something that came in handy to do tutorials.
  • Burning DVD and CD

You can try the program for free. If it convinces you, then you can buy it forever for 90 euros. Although there is an option that reaches 125 euros.

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