Unique, complete and more authentic CarPlay experience in the BMW i4

The announcement has been launched for what will be the BMW i4, a fully electric vehicle. It has been found to have one of the most authentic CarPlay experiences. At least we can say that Apple’s program for passenger infotainment is fully integrated. The i4 has two curved screens and a heads-up display. All three displays can display Apple CarPlay information simultaneously.

BMW describes the Apple CarPlay experience in the i4 as “Even more fluid.” The vehicle features iDrive 8, which is compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay, turn-by-turn Apple Maps directions on the head-up display, and Apple Maps. In addition to indications in the instrument panel.

The greater degree of flexibility of the new generation BMW iDrive 8 makes using third-party applications in the car will be even simpler and more convenient in the future. BMW iDrive 8 features full Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. The large screen of the control screen clearly presents all the applications available in the system menu. User favorite applications can be quickly and easily launched via the main menu or the toolbar. The further integration of the application functions in the information display and even in the BMW Head-Up Display also results in a seamless transition across the entire display grouping. And the music streaming and communication applications are now integrated into the BMW iDrive 8. They are displayed as original sources in the main menu, allowing customers to make full use of their application functions.

Since iOS 13 came out, turn-by-turn directions and Apple Maps on the second screen have been supported by CarPlay. However, BMW that has always stood out as one of the pioneers with Apple products, is one of the first in having implemented the full view of Apple Maps in the second instrument panel of the screen.

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