United Airlines executive disappeared after going for a run: He was found dead in a forest a year later

Jake cefolia, 50, was Senior Vice President of Global Sales, United Airlines, one of the most important airlines in the United States. The executive boarded his truck and jogged the August 8, 2020 but he didn’t come back anymore, so his family reported his disappearance and the authorities began looking for him, although without success.

However, just over a year after it disappeared, Cefolia’s body was found hanging from a tree on the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, south of Illinois, and right there was his Ranger Rover truck. According to official information, the man was found dead when workers removed invasive species in this area of ​​the natural area.

Local police said Cefolia’s body ewas tied with a belt and it hung from a tree, however, it was far from the area of ​​trails where people usually jog, in addition to being an area where many bushes grow, which is why it was not possibly found before, but until that the forest employees came in to clean up.

After the identification of the remains of the senior executive of the airline, the corresponding autopsy was carried out of which there are no results, however, the medical examiner of the Forest Reserve district in DuPage County, Illinois, did consider that his cause of death was not natural, and therefore the investigations will continue.

“I was going through a lot of challenges”

Jake Cefolia was 50 years old, divorced but had two minor children, who are supposed to was supposed to pick up when he disappeared in 2020. That August 8, the executive had to go for them since it was his day of scheduled visit. but it didn’t happen. Then his ex-wife and mother of the children reported his absence and the search began immediately, with no results for almost 15 months.

When it was learned that Cefolia had been found dead, his former boss, Californian businessman Bill Boerum, wrote an emotional message on his Facebook account in which he was shocked by the death of Jake, whom he considered a “magnetic and attractive” man who managed to climb rungs at work until becoming one of the most important executives of United Airlines.

However, a part of Bill Boerum’s message in which he states that Cefolia I was going through a time of “personal and emotional challenges”, and that the 50-year-old man he was considering leaving his job after reaping a successful corporate career.

When They located Jake Cefolia’s car, the authorities examined it and inside it they found a mask against Covid-19, a gray sweater, a golf bag with clubs and about 120 dollars in the trunk, that is, none of his belongings were missing, so possibly the man has decided to end his life due to his problems at the time, however, it will be the DuPage coroners who determine his cause of death.

With information from Daily Mail and NBC


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