Unlimited energy wherever you go with the BLUETTI AC200MAX and AC300 stations

BLUETTI is, without a doubt, the evolution of external batteries. This manufacturer makes available to anyone who needs electricity the best charging stations that we can find in the market. Broadly speaking, a charging station are small power plants that users can always carry with them so that they can supply current both to charge a mobile phone, to cook or feed the network of a motorhome.

You will never run out of electricity with BLUETTI

In the summer of 2021, this manufacturer launched one of its new models on the market, the PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P. Now, 6 months later, this manufacturer wants to land big in Europe, and it does so with two new models of charging stations, the improved AC200 MAX and the new AC300.

AC200 MAX, the sun in your hand

First of all, BLUETTI has just launched the new model AC200 MAX. This new model stands out for including a large number of changes and improvements compared to the previous model, the AC200P. The new AC200 MAX has focused, above all, on giving better performance when using it using solar energy. While the previous model was capable of supplying 700W using sunlight, this new model increases this capacity to 900W. Interestingly, if we charge it using AC from a plug, it will only support 500W, which makes using solar energy (and therefore saving on electricity bills) instead of current to charge it much more attractive.


But we should not settle for just electricity or solar energy. This charging station can also be charged using other technologies, such as wind generators, solar panels placed, for example, on top of a motorhome, using a gas generator, and even through other 12 and 24 V lead or acid batteries.

Another very interesting novelty that we can find in this renewed model is that, finally, we will be able to connect our smartphone via Bluetooth to know its status in detail.

And, finally, this new model allows us to expand the charging capacity (which, by default, is 2048Wh) through the use of additional charging modules: the B300 or the B230, which can add a charging capacity of 3072Wh and 2048Wh respectively. In this way, using two B300 modules (the maximum that it supports) we will be able to expand the total capacity of this AC200 MAX up to 8192Wh, a load capacity with which to satisfy our needs for hours, days, and even more than a week.

AC300, the heavyweight to never stay off

But, of course, the best novelty from BLUETTI is its new AC300 charging station. This station is able to offer us a 3000W continuous power, more than enough to power even all the appliances in a house. This charging station is capable of receiving up to 2400W from sunlight, and an additional 3000W through the AC input. In total, the AC300 is capable of charging up to 5400W of power, more than most of us have contracted in our homes.


One of the most striking aspects of this charging station is that does not come with batteries included. We are the ones who must mount them, according to the capacity we need, using the B300 modules. Each of these modules has a capacity of 3072Wh. The AC300 allows us to install up to 4 B300 modules, which would allow us to achieve a maximum capacity of up to 12,288kWh. With these batteries, the AC300 is capable of offering users more than 3,500 charge cycles without going below 80% capacity, which translates into a useful life of more than 10 years assuming a daily charge cycle.

Having the modules apart provides the user with many advantages. For example, it allows us to have a much lighter and easier to transport charging station as standard, and we can take with us the modules we need at all times. It also allows us, if they deteriorate over time, to replace them in a very simple way without having to buy a complete new charging station. Even by having the modules apart, we can take only one without carrying the entire station. Each of the B300s is capable of receiving up to 200W from sunlight, 500W from AC, enough for a pinch.

This model, of course, also allows you to connect it to your smartphone, whether Android or iOS, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this way we can always have it controlled in detail.

Availability and price

The new models of BLUETTI charging stations are now available to buy through the BLUETTI online store and on Amazon.

The AC200 MAX model is priced at 1,809 euros, and includes the charging station, the solar panel, and an additional battery. We can also buy the package with an additional B230 battery for 3099 euros. On the other hand, we can get the new AC300 model, with an additional B300 battery, for a limited time, for 3,699 euros. Once the launch promotion ends, the price of this pack will be 4,499 euros.

In addition, we can also buy each of the modules, or batteries, separately. On the one hand, each additional B230 battery (remember, the simple model with 2048Wh) is priced at 1,599 euros. And, on the other hand, each additional B300 battery (with 3072Wh capacity) is priced at 2,399 euros.

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