Up to 3 months of Spotify Premium free, even for old subscribers, don’t let it slip away!

When we talk about the music streaming services that we can use today, without a doubt the most used proposal out there is Spotify. In addition to all the functions and content that it offers us by default, the offers that the platform launches from time to time, as is the case now, are really interesting.

One of the main advantages that these online services offer us, referring to both video and music content, is their content. In this way we will have a huge amount of titles available at all times via streaming to listen or view them from anywhere and on any computer. Obviously, for all this we will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to be able to benefit from it all.

At this time, the aforementioned Spotify offers us an interesting offer thanks to which we can enjoy up to 3 months of free premium subscription. Keep in mind that this music service always offers us a free service, but quite limited, and also with advertising. In order to take advantage of all its functions and free of ads, we will have to be premium subscribers.

Well, now we can take advantage of the offer of 3 free Premium months, as long as we meet the requested requirements. In order to be able to enjoy these 3 months at no cost, a priori we must never have been Premium users in the past. If it is the first time that we are going to subscribe to this modality, we can benefit from these 3 free months just by connecting to this website.

Likewise, in the event that we have been Spotify Premium users in the past, we will have the possibility of receiving two free months paying the subscription of only one, 9.99 euros.

Enjoy these devices on sale with Spotify

Without a doubt, either of the two offers we have mentioned, whether we have been paying Spotify users in the past, or not, can be very attractive to us.

spotify payment

Also, to get the most out of this music platform As we have told you, you need quality speakers or headphones, like these that are now on sale. A clear example of all this can be found with these Logitech Speaker System Z313, a 2.1 speaker system with a power of 25 watts.

Logitech 21

Another clear example and on sale right now is the Creative SBS E2900 speaker system that offers us a power of 120 watts.

creative speakers

If you prefer to use headphones to enjoy your music on spotifyDon’t miss out on this 38% offer on this JBL model. In addition, we are talking about wireless headphones that offer us up to 26 hours of autonomy.

We will find another interesting offer with these Sony WH-CH520 with Bluetooth technology and headband design.

At the same time, both for playing games and listening to music, these Razer Kraken X Lite headphones on sale at the moment can also be very useful for you.

razer helmetsIn this article you can find affiliate links. When you click on one of them and buy something, you will generate a commission for us. However, this has no impact on the final price of the product. We only recommend products that we truly believe in and that may be useful to whoever views the article.

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