Up to 41% more speed in games with the new AMD driver!

amd just released their graphics drivers May 2022, which bring an improvement that all fans of PC games always appreciate having: more frames without paying more money. What is the performance boost they bring to AMD Radeon graphics cards and which games benefit the most from it? Let’s see which ones and to what degree.

A bad driver for any component or peripheral can mean that it does not perform as expected. And it is precisely the graphics cards, due to their complexity, that are the most vulnerable to this. Hence, manufacturers are continually releasing new versions. Not only for new models, but also to optimize existing models. Well, AMD’s new drivers have delivered a double-digit performance boost in a number of games. So this is very good news for users of Radeon graphics cards.

And it is that it is one of the points in which AMD is trying to solve its disadvantage against NVIDIA. At the moment we can say that the quality of their drivers for their graphics cards have been increasing in quality in recent times. And it is that in the AMD drivers May 2022 It has been possible to see a qualitative leap with respect to the previous ones.

Significant Performance Boost with AMD May 2022 Drivers

Specifically, the performance increase is in games that use DirectX 11 APIs, where the general increase is 8%. Although this figure is an average of all the games and making use of the tool Cap Fame X say they have been able to measure increases of up to 24% on Crysis Remastered. Although the one that gets the most benefit is the PC conversion of the PlayStation 4 classic. God of War gets an additional 41% performance. Not without forgetting either the cases of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Y World of Warcraft: Shadowland where they get an additional yield of up to 30%.


Nor can we forget the advantage of AMD as it is a manufacturer of both PC processors and graphics cards. Thus, making use of the Smart Access Memory or SAM we find two games that are greatly benefited: Watch Dogs with 24% additional performance and Death Stranding with 13%. Both in the cases described in the previous paragraph and in this one, these increases in performance are achieved in its new top of the range. That is, the RX6950XT. so the increase in frame rate will be lower on graphics cards with more modest specifications.

Another of the improvements that AMD has integrated into the May 2022 drivers is for the RSR. And they have included a bar that allows us to optimize the degree of application of the sharpness effect in the Radeon Super Resolution. This will allow us to reduce the oversmoothing that occurs in some games and that so much clouds our experience with them.

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