Up to 9 colors available in the new Newskill gaming chairs

It must be recognized that the catalog of gaming chairs on the market is immense, and if a manufacturer wants to stand out when launching its new model on the market, it must provide something that the others do not have; In this case, Newskill has opted for variety, since, as we have mentioned, its new Osiris gaming chairs (leatherette) are available in no less than 9 colors, while its fabric variant, Osiris Zephyr, is available in 8 different colors.

Newskill Osiris and Osiris Zephyr, the largest color variety on the market

The new gaming chairs from the Spanish manufacturer Newskill stand out for the excellent selection of materials and construction quality on which their ergonomic design rests so that gamer users can spend hours and hours sitting in front of the PC or console without feeling fatigue or discomfort in the back. Its seat and back are filled with moldable foam of the highest quality that make the chair adapt to the shape of the user’s body. Both models also include removable cervical and lumbar cushions and with the same aesthetics as the chair; It should be noted that the cervical cushion is composed of Memory Foam, which ensures that it will maintain its original shape no matter how long it is used.

These Newskill Osiris have a reinforced metal structure that, together with its base also made of metal, guarantee that the chairs will have a very high durability. They have a novel mechanism baptized as leap frog with a special inclination that allows rocking and improves seat stability. Of course, the two models of gaming chair allow 180 degree tilt and support up to 150 kg of weight, which makes this chair ideal even for large users.

The design is designed to take comfort one step further, and to make you feel like they say “a Skiller” in Newskill, they have engraved their logo on the armrests, which by the way are 4D (They can be moved in 4 directions to adjust to the desired position: height, rotation and their lateral and longitudinal position can be changed.

Newskill Osiris armrest

As mentioned before, the dry Osiris variant is made of synthetic poly leather and is available in white, blue, gray, pink, orange, green, purple, red and yellow, while the Osiris Zephyr variant is made of breathable fabric. and it is available in the same colors except for orange and yellow but instead they incorporate dark blue.

Both chairs are already available in the Newskill online store at a sale price of 249.95 euros, and soon we will be able to buy them also in the online stores of Amazon Spain and PcComponentes at the same price.

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