Up to 91% discount! Windows 10 lifetime license for € 12

If you want to be ready for the update to the new Windows 11 that will be released on October 5, there is no better way than to buy a Windows 10 lifetime license. Thanks to the purchase of this license, you will be ready from day one to update to the new Microsoft operating system. If you don’t want to spend too much, you should immediately take advantage of the cdkeysales super offers that, as always, offer us ultra-low prices on both Windows and Microsoft Office packages, with discounts that reach up to 91% off.

CDkeysales offerings in Windows and Office

If you want to buy a license for the most widely used office suite in the world, you can buy the Office 2016 Professional versions and also the Office 2019 Professional version at a really competitive price. To get the best offer you must apply the discount coupon RD25 If you want to get an additional 30% discount compared to the normal price we have at CDKeysales. However, this promotion is only valid for a few days!

If you need to buy both Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro plus a version of the Office suite, then you will be able to see all the offers available today so that you save a lot of money. In this case you will also have to apply the RD25 discount coupon to have an additional discount compared to the normal price.

As you have seen, today we have significant discounts when buying licenses for Windows 10 operating systems, and also licenses for the Office 2016 and Office 2019 office suites. However, at CDKeysales we will also be able to buy a McAfee Antivirus 1 PC 1 year for € 8.05, in this case we also recommend applying the 30% discount coupon by applying “RD25”.

How to use the discount code

First, after logging in, go to the page of the desired product.

Once added to the cart (button Buy now), before confirming the order, you must enter the code RD30 in the box «Promotional code»And click« Apply ».

At this point, you will see the discount applied directly to the item in the cart and you can continue with the payment.

Windows 10 System Activation

Activating the Windows 10 operating system is very simple, we simply have to go to “Start / Settings / Update and security”, once we are here, we go to “Activation” and that is where we will have to enter the license code that we have purchased previously, and that we have received it by email.

Once we have entered the license key and followed the setup wizard, you will be able to see that Windows 10 is already activated and we can use it in a completely unlimited way.

We remind you that at CDKeysales you can pay comfortably and safely with PayPal, so that the payment is immediate and also the receipt of the license keys.

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