Up-to-date: a major Telegram update available, Windows NT is years old and more

In fact, the second of the options that we have mentioned is a messaging platform that little by little is gaining the trust of millions of users. Overthrowing WhatsApp in this sense is not a simple task at all, but Telegram at the moment already has a large market. In addition, we can use this online service both from our mobile devices like from, for example, our Windows 10 computer.

Update Telegram on Windows and test its latest news

We tell you all this because the multiplatform messaging application Telegram has just received a major update. To give us an idea of ​​what we are really talking about, say that now the platform has interactive emojis, new themes and the possibility of recording live broadcasts. Specifically, eight new themes have been added that we can use in the chat windows.

In turn, we already have the possibility of communicating with others through interactive emojis. Another of the important novelties that we were going to find is the possibility of recording live broadcasts and video chats. It should be noted that this update that we are talking about for Telegram is available on various platforms and operating systems, including Windows 10.

Telegram interface

Video with simultaneous startup of Windows XP, Vista, 10 and 11

The next of the software Microsoft Its flagship product is Windows operating system, as most of you already know. This is software that has been with us for several decades and that has not stopped evolving as the firm sent new updates to its clients. Through these we have been able to enjoy the most recent functions developed in addition to improving the existing ones and correcting security flaws.

boot windows

There are several versions of the system that we have been able to enjoy over the years. Now we are waiting for the launch of Windows 11 that will arrive in just a few days. One of the most characteristic elements of each of these versions is its start, something that has also been tried to improve over time. We tell you all this because below we are going to leave you a video published on the social network Twitter in which you can simultaneously check the startup of four versions of Windows.

You can see this video that we discussed first-hand from the Reddit page that was originally published.

Windows NT Workstation 3.5 is birthday today

and talking about the different versions of the Microsoft operating system, on such a day as today it is worth noting that one of the most popular versions has a birthday. Specifically, we refer to Windows NT Workstation 3.5, which was launched on this day in 1994. For those of you who do not remember, say that this was the second version of the family. Windows NT o New Technology that included characteristics similar to network systems UNIX.

Unlike other editions of the operating system, this one was more focused on a professional and business market, what the end user did.

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