Up to date: Chrome will protect your PC, Steve Ballmer’s best moments and more

Specifically, we refer to an American businessman who played the role of CEO of the aforementioned company, Microsoft, from 2000 to 2014. Surrounded by both controversy and successes during his career, the summary of his role at Microsoft was not what was expected in A beginning. But despite all this, his charisma gave way to some historic moments in the history of the software giant. This is something that we are going to go over in some videos below.

These are some of Steve Ballmer’s most epic moments

The truth is that, due to the personality and way of being of Steve Ballmer, some moments remained for the history of technology in general and Microsoft in particular. To be able to recall these historical moments that we are talking about, we only have to take a short tour of the platform of streaming videos, YouTube. In fact, below, we leave you some clear examples of all this so that you can remember those times.

Undoubtedly one of those moments that Steve Ballmer will never forget is the one known as Developers.

On many occasions the charismatic Microsoft CEO At the turn of the century, he drew attention for his enthusiasm in public performances.

Another of the epic moments of the former Microsoft executive, was captured when he gave his impressions about the mythical Apple iPhone.

This is how Chrome will protect your router from attacks

Changing third, now we are going to talk about one of Microsoft’s main competitors, we are referring to the giant Google. It is worth mentioning that among its huge range of products we find the popular internet browser, Chrome. We are telling you this because an interesting new security feature will be coming to the program soon. And is that Chrome soon will prevent websites from attacking your router.

You have to know that Google works to make Chrome better and more secure, so as of Chrome 98 it will make it much more difficult to attack network devices such as the router. This will be achieved thanks to a new security feature called Private Network Access. Thus, Chrome 98 will intercept requests when websites want to access the elements of a user’s private network such as the router, the printer, the NAS, etc. In this version the attempt will be recorded, but in later versions the browser itself will block these requests until the user grants permission.

Programs that you should update as soon as possible

The different developers of the applications that we have installed on our PC constantly send updates for your products. Generally, the most interesting thing is to keep these titles updated in order to benefit from their latest functions. At the same time we will be protected against the most recent security flaws that have been detected. These are some clear examples of programs of the last days.

NTLite here we have a powerful program that allows us to adapt the Windows operating system to our needs. It has multiple functions for this and has recently received new functions related to disk drives or the use of touch screens.

Thunderbird 91.5.0: on the other hand, we find that this popular mail manager has also received a recent update. This focuses on bug fixes detected over the last few days.

QOwnNotes 22.1.6: this is an application focused on text editing including working with programming codes. Well, it has just been updated including new functions and compatibility with other languages, where environments also come into play. Linux. At the same time, improvements have been made to the user interface to facilitate its operation.

Tor Browser 11.0.4: This is the quintessential private internet browser. For this reason, their top managers must send constant updates for the program. The most recent includes various security fixes and improvements from the launch of the new Firefox that serves as its basis.

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