Up to date: Excel turns 36, students will have Microsoft 365 cheaper, and other things

It is very possible that many of you already know that this is an application that focuses on the use of numerical data and its corresponding formulas. But it is undeniable that the usefulness of this specific application goes much further, hence its enormous success around the globe. In addition, it cannot be said that it is a precisely new software solution, but that it has already been a good number of years among us accumulating experience.

Excel celebrates 36 years since its launch

In fact, the experience has been accumulated with its developer company, which is none other than the giant Microsoft. All this in order to provide its millions of users with everything they need in their day to day, whether in home environments or more professionals. Keep in mind that this is an application that helps us for a multitude of jobs, from creating calendars, to-do lists, managing home accounting, or even that of a large company.

Well, we tell you all this because Excel It has just turned 36 years since version 1.0 was released back in 1995. Since then, more than three and a half decades have passed and the spreadsheet application has not stopped improving thanks to the work of the software giant. In this way, it has become, as we mentioned before, one of the software references worldwide.

Students will have a cheap subscription to Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s Office suite is known to all, and in recent years how the same has happened with its subscription version previously known as office 365. This is a very interesting modality for all those who do not want to have an Office license forever and pay a monthly or annual fee. As we mentioned, this is a very interesting modality for certain sectors, for example, for those directly related to education.

To give us an idea, the Redmond firm will add to the existing ones a new subscription plan for Microsoft 365 at $ 38 per device valid for six years. In this way, the education sector will have much more affordable access to the powerful productivity suite so widely used in all types of environments.

On this day the World Wide Web Consortium was founded

Returning to the celebrations, we also want to make a special mention of an event that occurred 27 years ago. Specifically, we mean that on a day like today, October 1, but in 1994, Tim Berners-Lee founded the world Wide Web Consortium or WC3. There is no doubt that this was an extraordinary advance to what the internet is today. It should be noted that Tim Berners-Lee was also the creator of URL, HTTP and HTML. These are part of the technologies on which the web is based.

For all these reasons, he made a decision to found this organization in order to promote the standardization of everything related to the web and ensure its growth. What happened over the next 27 years is already history.

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