Up to date: Google’s birthday, look for work in your position with dissimulation, and more

As surely many of you already know, these are firms that started practically from scratch at the beginning and have become authentic references. In fact, these technology companies, among many others, are the ones that offer us the platforms, products and services that make life easier for us in many aspects. Imagine, for example, what everything related to the internet would be at the moment if the search giant did not exist, Google.

Google birthday, the company that revolutionized everything

We tell you all this because precisely on such a day as today, a September 15 In 1997, two totally unknown young students were going to take an important step in technological history. Specifically we mean that two students named Larry Page and Sergei Brin register a domain called

At this point, no further presentations are necessary, since time has shown that that day marked a before and after in history. It goes without saying that today this is a firm that can be considered as one of the great global references in the technology sector. And the fact is that it does not seem to be diminishing, but quite the opposite, all in spite of the almost 25 years that have happened since that domain registration.


Are you looking for work from your current position? We help you

On many occasions when we are trying to change work, one of the biggest drawbacks we find is time for it. One of the reasons for this is that at the same time we have to continue to meet our schedule in the current position, which complicates things. And it is a bit risky to start visiting job advertisement pages from our current position in the office.

But we are going to help you, all thanks to a platform that camouflages that search as if we were working on other well-known programs. Behind this project is the website so that we can access it through this link. Actually, it is an online job search service where a multitude of data related to these is displayed Job positions looking for people.


Best of all, we can camouflage those visits and inquiries with programs as popular as Word, VS Code or Google Docs so that the boss does not catch us.

Microsoft takes another step towards a world without passwords

There has been talk for a long time that the software giant Microsoft aims to make the use of conventional passwords disappear. For this, it offers a series of very interesting alternatives on its platforms and applications. For example, this is the case with your popular Windows operating system in its latest versions.


We tell you this because the firm has just expanded the option of login without password for end users or consumers using Azure Active Directory for Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. Note that this could only be done by business customers. But what is clear is that those of Redmond want all their users to get rid of their passwords to access their platforms.

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