Up to date! Meet #EcosiaWildfireRelief, the new Google doodle and more

Not everything is Windows 11. Oddly enough, and even though we are in the middle of summer, there is life beyond Microsoft’s new operating system. Companies are still looking for ways to do good deeds for the planet, and leading software developers continue to update their programs so that we can feel as comfortable as possible with them. With all this, and much more, is how we want to end the week.

Fighting the Ecosia fires

Although we sure do not use it, we have probably heard of it. Ecosia is an alternative search engine to Google, based on Bing, whose main feature is that it dedicates part of its profits to planting trees all over the world. Thanks to this movement, it helps reduce the carbon footprint that large technology companies leave on our planet.

Next Tuesday, all the money collected from the searches carried out through this search engine will be used to fight the latest fires that have taken place in California, Australia and Brazil.

100% of the money generated by these searches will be used to replant the trees damaged by these fires. An action that, of course, deserves recognition. Why don’t we give Ecosia a try? It uses the Bing engine, but instead of collecting and selling our data, it plants trees.

The new Google Doodle in honor of the Olympic Games

Google tends to change its logo often depending on certain events or days that have to be celebrated. Women’s day, pride day, labor day, etc. Today the 2021 Olympic Games begin, and, of course, Google could not miss with its personalized Doodle.

On this occasion we accompany our protagonist to explore the Doodle Champion Island. In it we will have to compete in a large number of minigames until we win. A minigame, in the purest NES style, with which we can spend part of this weekend.

Programs with updates

Of course, they could not miss the programs that have released updates and new versions. Thus, we can take advantage of updating our PC this weekend by installing the updates of these programs:

  • LibreOffice: the best alternative to Microsoft Office, a totally free and open source office suite that we can use without restrictions without having to pay anything. The new version 7.1.5 is a minor, maintenance update, focused on correcting a series of minor bugs and errors detected by users. We can download it from here.
  • Universal Media Server– A universal media server that supports DLNA. The new version 10.8.0 improves support with YouTube, adds support for radios and fixes a good number of bugs, errors and problems detected by developers and reported by users. We can download it from your website.
  • SeaMonkey– This project maintains the program as an all-in-one Internet suite with a browser, mail client, news aggregator, HTML editor, IRC chat, and development tools. The new version focuses on correcting several bugs reported in the program to improve its performance. We can download this version of the program from this link.

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