Up to date: this was the first banner, the new Windows 10 store and Firefox security

Let’s talk about Microsoft, Google, Mozilla or any other firm responsible for these programs, make specific functions available to us. With all these, what is intended is to keep our data and applications safe, since this browser acts as a platform to connect us to the internet. That is why over time they have been adding more and more features and functionalities to protect us.

Mozilla protects nearly half a million of its users

In fact, now we are going to focus on one of the main solutions of this type, such as Firefox. And it is that from what we have just learned now, its developer firm, Mozilla, is blocking malicious extensions for Firefox installed by more than 450,000 users. This is due to an investigation that began in early June when a series of plugins were discovered that abuse the proxy API to block Mozilla browser updates.

They use the API to intercept and redirect web requests and prevent users from downloading updates. In turn, they block content remotely and access block lists. Therefore, to prevent other users from being affected by this add-ons, the firm is blocking their download. All this until its developers carry out the corresponding corrections. With this type of movement, the aim is to maintain and improve the security and privacy of browser users.

This was the first banner in history that turns 27 years old

What has something to do with the internet has evolved a lot in recent years, but as they say, everything and everyone has a past. Here we include the very internet, which in its beginnings has little or nothing to do with what we find today. As an example we are going to show you a clear case in these lines. And it is that on a day like today, October 27, the first published banner could be seen.

This is something that occurred in the past 1994, that is, 27 years ago, and could be seen in the popular technology magazine Wired. Perhaps one of the most striking points of this element that was published was the message it showed at the time. It read the following message Have you ever clicked your mouse right Here? / You Will. I mean, something like Have you ever clicked the mouse here? You will do it. Sense of humor, first and foremost.

The new Windows 11 Store, comes to Windows 10

One of the main novelties, in addition to the Interface user as such, which have stood out from the new Windows 11, is your new official store. In addition to offering us a somewhat more renewed aspect, the availability in terms of applications has grown. This is largely due to the arrival of conventional programs that until now we have downloaded from their corresponding web pages.

windows 11 store

There is no doubt that this new store may be much more attractive than the current Windows 10 store. However, as some users of previous versions of the system are noticing, now Microsoft is rolling out the new Windows 11 store that we mentioned. , in Windows 10. This is something that some System Insiders are currently seeing through a store update. It only remains to be seen if this will be effective for everyone.

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