Up to date: visit Tokyo from home with Teams, Google improves Workspace and more

All these types of online jobs that we can do today help to a greater or lesser extent a multitude of sectors, both professional and related to leisure. And the thing is that the internet can take us or bring us anything or anywhere in the world, as we will see below. In this way, both the companies involved and the users take advantage of the available platforms to take advantage of, earn money, or simply entertain yourself and entertain others.

In these lines we are going to talk about some clear examples related to all this and that are taking place at the same time. As an example, all the potential and functionality that the two aforementioned platforms are offering us at this time. We talk about those belonging to the giants Microsoft and Google.

Tokyoites show a virtual tour of their city

Well, we tell all this because, among many other uses that have been taking place over the last few months, now we have found a really curious one. It is true that Microsoft Teams It continues to grow and improve, in large part due to the pandemic that is ravaging us. However, people also use it, not only for professional meetings, but to communicate with everyone, as we are going to show you.

teams tokyo

And it is that recently we have been able to see how the inhabitants of Tokyo they took people from all over the world to virtually visit their favorite places in the city. In this way, citizens from anywhere on the globe had the opportunity to visit the best places in Tokyo without leaving home. All this was achieved thanks to the participation of these citizens who also used the aforementioned Microsoft Teams platform for all of this. If you want to know this virtual visit more in depth, we recommend you access this link.

Google Workspace wants to compete with Teams thanks to Spaces

We have already commented to you before that of the giant of Redmond It is not the only online platform for this type of use that we can use. In fact, we can say that the search giant has just added a very interesting new service to Google Workspace called Spaces.

With all this, what it intends is to compete directly with Microsoft’s commented proposal when interacting with users from all over the world from its platform. To give you an idea, Google has announced the availability of Spaces, a place for team collaboration within Workspace to all users.

google workspace

In addition, Spaces is closely linked to Workspace tools such as Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, etc. In turn, the firm has revealed that Spaces will receive a multitude of news and improvements in the coming months.

Microsoft bets on video editing

That the warriors do not stop working to improve their products is not a secret for anyone. And it is here that elements of the importance of the Windows 10, Windows 11 or system come into play. Office. The firm recently acquired a powerful toolkit called Clipchamp focused on this type of multimedia content editing.


It is hoped that this will help the firm to have a decent video editor for its products, as many other technological giants already have. It should be borne in mind that at the moment those of Redmond, despite their extensive market, do not have a video editor that could be considered as powerful. Perhaps this acquisition will solve it.

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