Up to date: Wozniak’s birthday, goodbye to Google chat and more

In fact, today, August 11, we have to congratulate one of the most charismatic characters in the history of technology. Specifically we refer to Steve Wozniak, which surely sounds like most of you.

The 4 most iconic photos of Steve Wozniak on his 71st anniversary

He was born on such a day as today in 1950 and for those of you who are not very clear about who he is, it is nothing more and nothing less than the co-founder, along with Jobs of the apple company, Apple.


Therefore, for many it is one of the greatest exponents of the personal computer revolution and that it has not been pursued until today.


Known to many as Woz, He is also the inventor of the universal remote control that he launched back in 1987.


For all this and from these lines we can only celebrate the 71st anniversary of Steve Wozniak as he has won thanks to his extensive professional career.


Google wants you to leave Hangouts as soon as possible

Radically changing the subject, now we tell you that Google asks users to move away from its own Hangouts messaging platform. And is that the search giant has already made it clear that Hangouts is going to disappear. That is why they are beginning to take measures that everyone starts using Google Chat instead. This is clearly demonstrated if we take into account that users of Hangouts free soon will not be able to log in here.


Instead they will receive a message recommending that they switch to Google Chat. At the same time, it has been announced that as of August 16, Hangouts users will start to lose functions if they have not migrated to Chat. It is worth mentioning in case you are regular users of this service, that all Hangouts conversations will also be migrated to the new Chat application. But despite all the firm’s efforts, migration is not going as well as it would have been. Since the notice began to appear, Hangouts regulars have criticized the Chat app on the Play Store with negative opinions.

Firefox 92 will support the AVIF format enabled by default

We talked to you just a few hours ago about the arrival of the Firefox 91 browser, but at the same time Mozilla already shows us the next great version, Firefox 92. In fact, we can already test it from its beta channel and take a first look at the new features. Thanks to this trial version we can already know that AVIF compatibility is activated by default.

It seems that this will be one of the most important features of Firefox 92, which is expected to see the light of September 7. We tell you this because Mozilla I had been delaying support with AVIF by default. The main reason for this is that they wanted to implement other features before, but with everything and with it it seems that the beta of Firefox 92 already comes with support for the new image format AVIF, also know as AV1.

avif Firefox

One of the main functions of this format that we are talking about is to provide users with significant bandwidth savings on the internet.

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