Update drivers with IObit: advantages or problems?

The controllers, or drivers, they are one of the most important parts when it comes to making our computer work well. When we install the operating system, or connect a new device to the PC, Windows installs a series of generic drivers to make it work. And, if there aren’t any, it searches for and downloads them directly from Windows Update. The problem is that these are not the best to get the most out of some PC components. And, in addition, they are usually old and obsolete versions. For this reason, one of the essential maintenance tasks for any PC is to update these drivers. Although this can be a very tedious task.

The best way to update PC drivers is to go, component by component, to the manufacturer’s page and download the latest version from there. We must repeat this for all the hardware, both for the motherboard (chipset, CPU, audio, storage, etc.) and for the graphics card, keyboard, mouse, microphone, game controller, etc. This, in addition to being complicated, usually takes a long time. And, for this reason, many users decide to bet on programs that, in theory, automate this task.

IObit Driver Booster, the fastest way to update drivers

IObit Driver Booster is a free program (with a paid version) whose purpose is to help us analyze the drivers installed on our PC, detect all those obsolete drivers, and allow us to install the new versions, all with just a couple of clicks. This software has a database with more than 6 million drivers to be able to recognize and install practically any device, internal or external, that we connect to the PC. In addition, these drivers have been obtained from the manufacturers’ websites, and have passed the Microsoft WHQL testing to ensure the proper functioning of the PC.

If we don’t have time, or enough computer knowledge, it is an excellent program that we can use. However, we should not fully trust it, since there is always a chance, no matter how small, that something will go wrong and solving it involves spending more time than we want.

What problems can we have?

Unfortunately, these programs do not do magic. As we have explained, the update of the drivers is done through a huge database created, and managed, by themselves. And this database can happen, either that it is updated (something common, especially with WHQL drivers), or that it has an error and we install the wrong driver on your PC with our component. Here is where the problems start.

It is true that this type of program always tends to make a backup copy of the drivers that we have installed so that, if we have any problem, we can revert the changes. But it will take us longer to restore said copy than if we had done it by hand from the beginning. It is usual (according to our experience) for this to happen when update audio drivers, and install generic ones (from Realtek, for example) instead of the ones optimized by the motherboard manufacturer.

Also, IObit Driver Booster is a free program, with limited functions and features for paying users. In other words, if we want to make use of all the functions that this program offers us, we will have to pay a subscription. And, despite paying for it, we will see banners from other company programs, something that can be annoying.

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